Art Department, can we talk?

I’ve recently completed my class mount quest, and, well, I need to preface my thoughts a little bit first.

Listen, art department peeps, I know you’re hard working Artists with a Capital A. And I respect what you do.  Going from solid models to 3D models requires a broad skill set.  Creating new sounds for fantastical creatures that don’t even exist is challenging under any circumstances. And you folks in the lead positions, I know for sure that it’s difficult to give good leads to the art and sound peeps and fold it all back together at the end of the development cycle and get it in to the assets people to be merged into the test servers.

I respect the challenges in developing all the pixels we see and use in the game.

Having said all that, I have to observe that somebody actually signed off on this.

Priest Mount

Its a good … whatever, Brant

I can’t even. It’s like somebody mashed an owl and a lion together without a) being told that it was supposed to be a mount or b) knowing what a lion or owl looked like originally. And the sound … the sound the thing makes when you summon it is reminiscent of the Witch King’s mount in Lord of the Rings. There is nothing divine about this creature’s screeching wail. It’s like somebody got the sound files for the Death Knight mount mixed up with the Priest mount files, and everyone’s too embarrassed to admit it. Working as intended, yo.

I hate to sound ungrateful, but, seriously, if they’d posted a note that “the Priest mount will be delayed for a few weeks for additional enhancement”, I would not have objected at all, expecially if I knew what we’d get “on schedule”.

Next up: mage mount.  It’s a fidget spinner, yo.  I can live with that.  It’s like that Pandaria Red Cloud thingy.

So that explains that

Perhaps you’ve seen the skies above the Black Temple and wondered, “why can I see Azeroth up there in the sky?”

Spoiler alert … this is the end cinematic from the Sargeras fight. Don’t watch it if you don’t want spoilers.

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Six Months a Scribe

Illume Header - Legion

I’ve been somewhat remiss in reporting on Legion Herbing and Glyphmongering since six weeks in.  My bad.  So let’s clear that up a bit.

In Summary

Here are the main bullet points

  • There’s no change in the functionality of glyphs. They are cosmetic only, and you’d be nuts to spend good gold on buying them. Yet people do.
  • Pigment drops vary vastly between different herbs.
  • Roseate Pigment is the Palmetto Bug of Legion herbalism. You can’t get rid of it, and it’s everywhere.
  • Vantus Runes are garbage runes


Let’s focus again upon yields.


Compared to last time, my evaluation has become a bit more … nuanced.

First you will notice the absence of Felwort.  That is because it is insane.  I finally milled a few, and the result was something like 2-3 Sallow pigments per 5 milled, and zero Roseate. That’s right, the grand poobah of useless pigments makes no appearance here. Which is probably why it costs so much to buy.

Next, may I draw your attention to Aethril and Dreamleaf having near-identical yields, but not the best – that belonging to Fjarnskaggl. However, the cost of the latter is such that it is still cheaper to buy Aethril for plain old grinding for Sallow pigments.

HOWEVER, I’ve added numbers for a new factor to this, as you can see – the yield of Nightmare Pods, which only comes from milling Dreamleaf. Those suckers have a phenomenal yield of .98 (i.e. almost one Sallow pigment per pod popped).

I’ve also started tracking the yield of Pods from Dreamleaf, and did a little bit of math on it.  Factoring in Nightmare Pods, Dreamleaf yields a whopping .30 Sallow pigment per 5 milled.

The upshot is that Dreamleaf is a great bargain when compared to others for purposes of Sallow Pigment.

One last note: I was unable to programmatically capture the yield of Nightmare Pods from opening Nightmare Pods, but it is significant.  What that means to you is that .30 per 5 milled is actually the low end.

Let your dreams soar.

Vantus Very Littler

Since my last writing, I’ve gotten into raids and picked up Vantus Rune techniques aplenty. Now that I have data, I like them even less than I did six weeks in. Blizzard touted these as the saving grace for Inscription, in that we could make these and sell them for obscene amounts of loot. This was somehow supposed to make up for the complete wrecking of the glyph ecosystem.

But here’s the cold truth: nobody like them. Especially not the folks you’re trying to sell them to. So that makes them a poor investment on the surface.

The saving grace is that they’re cheap to make, so even if they sell cheaply, you may still make a profit. As always, track costs per sales, and remember that runes from different raids require different amounts and combinations of pigments, so there are four distinct tiers of pricing once the Tomb opens.

For the Profit II

The overall profit margin has been minimal.  If not for a side business in Enchanting via Jasra, I have doubts I’d be in the shape I’m in.

That being said, my current profits far outstrip my costs. Even with buying raw mats for Inscription and Enchanting outright, I currently have over 200,000 gold on each of my 12 toons on this server – mindful of the fact that I am about to buy a token at 100,000 gp for 30 days, but also mindful that two months ago I bought four of the things at the same price (two for family) and here I am at 200K on all my toons again.

With that in mind, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the hole if I had to rely on Inscription alone. But even if that was my only profession, I’m pretty certain I’d be even more behind the curve if all I did was sell raw mats instead of process them.

Side eye II

Gonna throw a little shade, here, once again. Aside from the issues I found with how Inscription is handled at six weeks, I am now also very pissed about Alchemy. I’m not sure if there was a contest at Blizzard HQ centered around “who could fuck up a profession the most”, but if there were, I am pretty sure the Inscription and Alchemy leads would be tied for first place.

And in Conclusion

Of all the professions I currently participate in, the ones that produce consumables seem to fare the best. Sadly, that rules out Tailoring, Leather working, Blacksmithing, and Engineering. That leaves Inscription, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting as potential profit points, and at this point in time, Alchemy is behind a pretty thick  wall. I have yet to get Jewelcrafting up  to the point where it is useful in Legion Land, but I have plans to accelerate that, and, if it proves to be a solid profitability stream, I may drop a note here about it.

All that bellyaching aside, I’m doing well with minimal effort, so I can only assume “real” “goblins” that live for this kind of stuff are making a killing in this expansion.

Counting to 18

The other day, while levelling my Monk, I logged out without first mogging her booties.

As you’re aware, Gnomes have only four fingers per hand. This is deemed normal.

But her bare feet revealed unto me an oddity.


Count ‘em. Ten little toesies.

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, but this is my first time, and it’s weirding me out.

It’s probably too late for you


Behold this image of one Orlee, female Draenai protection Warrior.  If you notice something a bit off, it’s because she just /salute’d one of the roving Thief Catchers on Volunteer Guardsman day or whatever it’s called.  As I understand it, this appearance is good for one day only, so if you’re reading this, it’s probably too late for you.

Definitely too late for you Euros over there.

I haven’t the means, but I would kill to witness a 25-man raid consisting of people that /salute’d Dwarven guardsmen on this day before going into battle. It would be AWESOME.

It turns out that if you’re hanging out in one of the cities while thus transformed, you may get attacked by random “city attackers” or something like that. These are randomly generated mobs that exist just to make things interesting for you. You know, city guardsmen getting beat on by nasty Hordies, that sort of thing.

This happens irritatingly often, such as when you’re in the bank trying to sort out upgrades.

So, yeah, it this “micro” holiday was about making me feel the guardsmen’s pain, I AM ALL IN.


Legion Flying

…. and that’s flying in Legion.  Did it on the Priest this time, because efficiency is for chumps. Apparently.

Don’t I know you from somewhere?


I just have this feeling that somewhere, Jong’s ears are burning.

Legion Alchemy makes me Sad

challenge acceptedIn general, Legion professions leave me with a simmering rage directed at the asshole that thinks that hiding even the most basic crafting recipes behind dungeon bosses is “fun”.

But the person that thought that hiding Alchemy basic progression behind an OPTIONAL boss should be punished by never being able to complete anything that isn’t locked behind LF* on the worst servers of all time.

I will settle for that person’s liver, in a jar.

I thought that WoW professions had hit a new low in Draenor.  Somebody at Blizzard must have noticed and said “Challenge accepted”, because this expansion has topped the previous in every way when it comes to making professions suck, with one minor exception – that being, you can wear more than three crafted items at once.

Nevertheless, even the most basic of Alchemy recipes beyond the Alchemy 101 spells you get as a result of setting foot in Dalaran are locked behind an optional boss, Grimoira. From my experience, the only way to down this  boss is to be an asshole and start the fight even if your LFD group has moved on. And  hope you don’t get kicked.

SRS … if anyone needs this boss and needs a DPS contributor, please LMK. I’ll group with Atilla the Hun at this point.

You know they like you by the way they yell at you


The gentleman in the middle is the innkeeper in Jandvik, which is in Suramar, of all places. When you engage him to purchase items, he greets you with such cheerful epithets as “I spit on you!” or “Sniveling pig!”.  And when you’re done, he send you on your way with a jaunty “And don’t come back!” or a simple “Begone!”

I’m sure this is considered the pinnacle of manners in Valarjar society.

Ground Hog Day

Been several weeks on the fire mage spec, and so far I am liking it. The new mitigation tools built into the spec make it a lot less likely that I’ll die just for being the center of attention, and the new flame shield is, well hawt.

I have not been pleased with the transmog, though. The Robe of Power is pretty sharp, but better worn in a disco than tramping around in the muck. And while the Mantle of Three Terrors is, in fact, super-appropriate to the spec, it also makes me look like a hunchback.  I have a problem with shoulders, all the way back to the second Scourge invasion – those shoulders and that head piece that dropped off the scourge bosses make me look like a bullet, or a torpedo, not a human mage with feelings. Feelings and wants and needs. A mage who …

… er, where was I? Oh, yes! Transmog! Fire mage transmog!

So, I got out my blue jeans from the frost outfit, some black-ish boots (nothing as good as mail wearers can get, but hey), and searched around for some more appropriate upper attire. First off was a nice shirt, the Corsair’s Overshirt, which drops off of of “Captain” Cookie in Deadmines (boy, was he surprised!).  And while I absolutely love my Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles, the new spec had me looking for something a little more interesting. Fortunately, there’s the Circle of Flame, and it drops from Ambassador Flamelash. This guy, in Blackrock Depths.

Flamelash Selfie

He’s not exactly super cooperative.

Panel 1

It’s a low drop rate. We had several engagements. Flamelash went through the five stages of grief.





And finally …


At which point he just chucked all his stuff into the foyer, packed his bags, and went off to The Firelands for a vacation.  Which is what he should have done to begin with, right?

That was the last of the shopping trip, however, so now I feel a lot better about myself and my chances of not getting annoying swamp stains all over that white robe’s hem.

Screenshot 2017-02-18 14.29.20.png