Cast and Characters

In which we make a brave attempt at introducing you to the various and sundry personalities that knock about the place.

Grimmtooth – Class: Hunter. Grimm is the patriarch of the clan. In-story, he’s a refugee of Grim Batol that is spending his family fortune to give a home to other displaced beings. “We’re all orphans here.”  Has high hopes of reclaiming his family’s ancestral property in Grim Batol. That’s not looking so good.

Floramel – Class: Warlock. Ascerbic of wit and quick to anger, Flora has a hidden soft side that she rarely shows without plenty of embellishment. She was the third addition to the clan, rescued from the streets of Stormwind after her family was killed in a gang war. She has connections now into the criminal underworld of Stormwind, and generally knows where the bodies are buried, and how much it cost to bury them.

Illume – Class: Mage (Frost through and through!). A former citizen of Gilneas, she was seperated from her Sensei while foraging for herbs in the forest just outside the Greymane Wall. A bit old to be adopted as an orphan, she was nevertheless accepted into the extended family. Despite Flora’s efforts to the contrary, her years studying at the mage academy in Stormwind were uneventful. She prefers the quiet chambers and libraries of a well appointed mage tower to the fuss of the real world.  She still has a few stories to be told.

Jasra – Class: Priest. Jasra and her brother, Slithmere, were the first adoptees that Grimm brought into his household, having come across them in the general Warsong district of Ashenvale. Jasra grew up with a keen interest in the dwarven metalworking arts, but set that aside when called to serve her guild as a healer. During Wrath, Jasra was the de facto main of the group.  Following a blow-up in ICC, she’s barely come out of shadow form – or the nearest tavern. A veritable wizard with money, she serves the clan as auction mistress.

Faiella – Class: Death Knight (formerly Hunter). Faiella is a distant cousin to Grimmtooth, and was taken in without question when her family was lost in the Highlands. She was taken by the Scourge during the second Scourge Invasion; she was elevated to DK when her relation to the clan was recognized. When she and her fellow Death Knights broke free of Arthas, she tried to evade her former family out of shame and fear. This was, of course, unfounded, and she has resumed her place among the clan.

Slithmere – Class: Rogue. Jasra’s younger brother is a devout keeper of the tradition of the Night among the Kaldorei. Like Jasra, he fell in love with the Dwarven knack of working metal, but he diverged into Engineering. A constant tinkerer, he is one of the few night elves to be wholly accepted into the Order of the Two Sprockets, a professional organization within Gnomeregan. Slithmere’s full story still has yet to be told.

Kutath – Class: Shaman. Among his own people, Kutath was considered a bit rustic, which explains his great affinity for the traditions of the Wildhammer clans. None are more pleased than he that the shamanni of the highland clans have come forth in this time of need. Before the Highlands were opened up, you could usually find him in The Hinterlands, happily chatting away on matters of earth, wind, and fire.  The Cataclysm has had a profound effect on him, which we may see more about, someday.

Orlee – Class: Warrior. Any fan of Sluggy Freelance will no doubt see bits of  Oasis in Orlee’s behavior, and possibly bits of  Xena’s Callisto. A former acolyte in the holy city of Shattrath, the shattering of Draenor has altered the trajectory of her life irrevocably in the direction of revenge, plain and simple.

Amusmoses – Class: Paladin.  Amus is another of Grimmtooth’s actual relatives, more closely related to Faiella than Grimm, but close enough to count. He is a true soldier of the Light, and sees himself as such. To that end, he is usually all about the business. Faiella’s conversion threatened to be a crisis of faith for him, but he saw the matter through and accepted his young cousin back, no questions asked.

Yarley – Class: Druid. As Ashenvale continued to be ravaged, more Elven families became unhomed, sometimes violently so. Yarley was just beginning to understand the true nature of her class when her family was torn asunder. Her story is yet to be told, but it came close to having a very bad ending.

Effington – Class: Rogue. Effington was Illume’s lover and betrothed to her when she was separated from her homeland. His conversion to a Worgen, however, is the least of his worries where she’s concerned. This story is yet to be told, partly because it’s a hard one to tell.

Bitterleaf – Class: Warrior. Bitterleaf was destined to become one of Teldrassil’s greatest druids. And yet, when Fandral Staghelm was found out, he turned his back on tradition and took up the arms and shield of the Warrior. Estranged from the Druids, and unaccepted by the Protectors of his homeland ((By Kaldorei custom, only females are supposed to be warriors.)), Bitterleaf turned his face outward to the greater world of Azeroth. He doesn’t remember how he ended up sleeping off a bender in Grimm’s living room, but he’s somehow found himself unable to leave.


In which we introduce other recurring characters that may have surfaced from time to time.

Milo Oddcog – Class: Warlock. Milo is the nominal boss of the criminal underground in Stormwind. Long ago, he took Floramel under his wing and taught her the ways of the discerning (and not too picky) Warlock. Nowadays, he often serves as a go-between for Flora and various clients that need things done.

  1. Your site rocks, what a good idea to write a little about each the cast you have 🙂


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