About this Blog

On Mission and Purpose

It is very simple; I have no mission, no purpose, in writing this blog, other than to ruminate, speculate, communicate, and possibly expectorate from time to time. You will find herein: dreary tales of angst, bright tales of triumph, ennui, opinion, analysis, and the day to day musings of myself and the various characters that live and breathe under this banner.

Each character (i.e. alt) under this roof has a voice, and will use it from time to time. Some time in the same way that I do, and in others, as part of a story, RP-ish or not.

I might even sing a little bit.

Note; this blog is the continuation of my old self-hosted blog (gone but not forgotten) and  my old blog on Blogspot. I did not migrate the posts from Blogspot because image links and so forth tend to break when one does, and I’ve had enough of that already.  It’s still up, and searchable, and feel free to stop over and peruse the past.  I migrated the stuff from the self-hosted site because, welp, they’d be gone otherwise.

On Comments

I have very few rules on comments.

  • Be respectful. You may disagree, but that does not mean you should be a jerk about it.
  • Be respectful. If someone disagrees with you respectfully, you are obligated to respond in kind, if respond you must.
  • You will be censored. You have all the rights in the world to stand in the middle of your home and spout obscenities. Once you are in my domain, however, my rules apply. If you don’t like it, start a blog and enjoy yourself.
  • Comments will close on old posts.  Spammers like to show up and comment on old posts, as do trolls. If you have a legitimate comment to make on an old post, feel free to email me.
  • Wheaton’s Rule applies. In the immortal words of Wesley Crusher himself, “Don’t be a dick.” In the case that none of the above apply, Wheaton’s Rule applies.
  • Once I have made a decision, I will not argue about it. There are no second chances, there are no grace periods. All of the above are standards of human decency. I put them on the record to say that I have, but, really, there is nothing up there that you should need to be told. Ergo, one strike and you’re out.

On Header Artwork

  • Header images are screenshots and WoW-related artwork, rotated through a selection of various  images.
  • Screenshots are from my own game experience. I make no particular claims other than don’t claim they’re yours.
  • Artwork is from the Blizzard community site’s Artwork section. They are not mine and are used under what I believe is fair use given the source that the images were acquired from.  If you are the creator of one of these fine works and object to them appearing here, please contact me and I will take it out of the rotation immediately. I don’t mean disrespect; quite the opposite.
    • If you’re looking for is a little link love in exchange for my use, I’m more than happy to play ball. I won’t be able to link you and your images easily, but I’ll provide a link list of artists in some form, if that’s acceptable.

On Linking and Blogrolls

  • I link whenever I use something from another site in my musings.
    • I insist on giving credit (or blame) where due.
  • I don’t maintain an active Blogroll anymore. Doing so was somewhat depressing.
  • You surely aren’t obligated to blogroll me, either.

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