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Size Matters

Ask most long-time raiders, and they’ll usually agree that Karazhan is by far the best raid, of all time, hands down, full stop.

I’m having a hard time arguing that logically.

So I’ll go for illogic.

While I love and adore Kara as the primeval training grounds for my raiding mains, it wasn’t until we got to Ulduar that I really felt like I was in the middle of something epic.

karazhan tower

Most of the Wrath raids were built around 25-man raids in scale, with the mobs scaled down to accommodate 10-man raids.  And while Naxx was built around a 40-man raid, it never felt “larger” than it was supposed to be.  10-man raids fit in there nicely, no echoes or anything.

Ulduar, however, felt HUGE. You could spread your raid out all over the place and still have tons of dark, empty corners for … things … to happen.


I’ll always have a warm glow in my heart for Kara. But when it comes to the feeling of Epic adventures, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like Ulduar, before or since.