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They existed way back then as allies?


My warlock was bumming around the castle in Stormwind (Classic) and stumbled across this High Elf in the Petitioner’s Chamber.

Wasn’t there this thing about how Highborn / High Elves weren’t a real thing or something like that?

I mean, she could be a blood elf. But that’s even more confusing.

I have two takeaways here.

  • Surprised to find a High Elf (allegedly) in Stormwind
  • Surprised that Blizz didn’t purge her from the system as a kind of alt retcon.

Zero back story on this character, and she’s still around in Retail. Funky factor: 1,000 / 100.

That’s mah Queen


OK, technically she’s not a queen. But as a priestess of the Moon, this is who I follow. And it’s nice to see her back in her traditional garb.

I don’t know about you, but that gaudy crap they stuck her with near the end of Cataclysm was a farce.  Especially those boots, which made her look like she had amazing cankles.

This is much, much better.

Feeling the Call


world of warhammer.jpg

This article on WoW Insider ( really highlights the downsides of playing a Hunter in Classic.

And I’m okay with that.

I won’t go over every little bit, but the highlights:

  • No dual class (that applies to everyone) and the need to visit class traders to swap.
  • Pets. The feeding of them. The training of them. Oh my goodness it was convoluted.
  • Stat sticks!
  • Ammo!
  • The 3-8 foot dead zone.

But also, there’s those glorious talent trees.  Remember that BM didn’t happen until you got all the way to the top, and then you, if you were careful, had *just enough* to get all the way into the good trapping skills at max level. Maybe.

All these things exist, and I’m … kinda feeling the call.

I wonder. If Classic swells and BfA (or whatever) starts to shrink, will they get the idea? Will they start to realize that players WANT a little bit of challenge in the game? That the current method of handing everything to you is maybe just a bit too much?

I have to make a disclaimer – I never came up through max level in Vanilla as a Hunter.  My main back then was a Warrior, and I sucked so bad at it that I quit at level 53.  I actually nuked each and every one of my toons in the process – made a big production out of it. Grimmy (Mk 1) jumped into the fire pit in Ironforge. My Warlock – a guy named Yardif Bey – doused himself with brandy and then cast a fireball spell of some sort.  And so forth. I was just … fed up with it.

And then I read the adventures of Big Red Kitty in BC (Example: – but don’t go looking for the site. These days it just serves up some cybersquatters crap.) and fell in love with the BM spec.  I decided to start again, re-rolled a new main, and never looked back.

But the point is, I never actually lived through the pre-BC days for reals. I didn’t start the reroll until just a few weeks before BC was released (I recall I was in The Wetlands at the time). Though the post-BC experience was similar to the pre-BC experience, it wasn’t 100% the same.

I have said time and time again that I have no real interest in playing Classic … but posts like this make me wonder.  Make me think, well, maybe I’ll roll JUST ONE toon in Classic and give it a whirl. Maybe a Hunter. A BM Hunter.   Somebody … that I didn’t actually play during Vanilla.