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Ever since I saw that Blanchy was an available mount in Shadowlands, I resolved to get her for my mage (Illume, who is Human and All Horse All the Time) and Floramel (who is also Human but generally speaking digs things that smack of demonic, which the Ghost of Blanchy does).  Finally knocked out a few days to get it done. Yes, days.

This particular task takes six days in total (it’s time gated) and it’s helpful to have an addon like SilverDragon to alert you, because when she appears, she does take off.

I won’t do a complete “howto” on this, but let me reiterate some stuff from the guide on WoWHead.

  1. Blanchy is in Rivendreth, at 63.13 43.11.
  2. Yes, she spawns right in the river, and then proceeds to run up the river away from the waterfall that she spawns next to.
  3. She takes off like crazy, so be mounted and ready to roll.  I chose a flying mount and that served me well.
  4. Once you catch her, she stops running and stays there for five minutes.  I consider it good form to let others in the area know she’s there.
  5. I don’t have good records on this, but it appears that she spawned at 21:29 every night (server time) for me. Your mileage may vary.

About the six things:

  • First up are 8 handfuls of Oats. You gather those around Westfall. Saldean’s farm is a good place to look.
  • The next item is a Grooming Brush which you buy from Snickersnee in Darkhaven.  While you’re there, grab the Empty Water Bucket nearby as you will need it.
  • Next item: Sturdy Horseshoes are found around the area on the roads.  For some reason I thought I needed nine. You only need four, logically. Durr. Best to have them on hand before you start this process.
  • Bucket of Clean Water – use the empty bucket from earlier and go to either Ardenweald or Bastion and find some clean water – not muddy – to fill the bucket. Then you can give that to Blanchy.
  • Comfortable Saddle Blankey – Ta’tru sells this for some variable currency. Most if not all of the currencies (i.e. Aethreal Meat) are available on the AH for a trivial amount of gold. Save yourself some trouble; go to the AH the day before, get the things you need to buy the blankey, and buy it then so you have it waiting next day.
  • Dreadhollow Apples are available from Mims and there are no tricks to this one. Just buy the apples and have them ready, as that will seal the deal.

So I have a nice red horsey and am done with this particular camp fest.  And at last we have some closure to the tragic story of this poor beast. I’ll try to take better care of her than the previous owners.

Feeling the Call


world of warhammer.jpg

This article on WoW Insider ( really highlights the downsides of playing a Hunter in Classic.

And I’m okay with that.

I won’t go over every little bit, but the highlights:

  • No dual class (that applies to everyone) and the need to visit class traders to swap.
  • Pets. The feeding of them. The training of them. Oh my goodness it was convoluted.
  • Stat sticks!
  • Ammo!
  • The 3-8 foot dead zone.

But also, there’s those glorious talent trees.  Remember that BM didn’t happen until you got all the way to the top, and then you, if you were careful, had *just enough* to get all the way into the good trapping skills at max level. Maybe.

All these things exist, and I’m … kinda feeling the call.

I wonder. If Classic swells and BfA (or whatever) starts to shrink, will they get the idea? Will they start to realize that players WANT a little bit of challenge in the game? That the current method of handing everything to you is maybe just a bit too much?

I have to make a disclaimer – I never came up through max level in Vanilla as a Hunter.  My main back then was a Warrior, and I sucked so bad at it that I quit at level 53.  I actually nuked each and every one of my toons in the process – made a big production out of it. Grimmy (Mk 1) jumped into the fire pit in Ironforge. My Warlock – a guy named Yardif Bey – doused himself with brandy and then cast a fireball spell of some sort.  And so forth. I was just … fed up with it.

And then I read the adventures of Big Red Kitty in BC (Example: – but don’t go looking for the site. These days it just serves up some cybersquatters crap.) and fell in love with the BM spec.  I decided to start again, re-rolled a new main, and never looked back.

But the point is, I never actually lived through the pre-BC days for reals. I didn’t start the reroll until just a few weeks before BC was released (I recall I was in The Wetlands at the time). Though the post-BC experience was similar to the pre-BC experience, it wasn’t 100% the same.

I have said time and time again that I have no real interest in playing Classic … but posts like this make me wonder.  Make me think, well, maybe I’ll roll JUST ONE toon in Classic and give it a whirl. Maybe a Hunter. A BM Hunter.   Somebody … that I didn’t actually play during Vanilla.