Aggramar Attacks!

There’s a questline in Krokuun where you take down the big bad in Nath’raxas Hold, and right after you do that, there’s an awesome cut scene.

After that, there’s this awesome cut scene. I’ll put in a break to keep from spoiling it for anyone.

In this cut scene, you are confronted by none other than Aggramar, who is now Sargeras’ flunky and the guy that buys his cigarettes for him.

This is of course with Illume, my fire mage. I missed grabbing this scene with Jasra, which is a shame because Jas just looked a lot more awesome.  Something about Night Elves, I guess.

Sadly, it is not possible to replay, either. You get one shot, and then it’s done.

Interestingly, when you return here you find a fellow named Khazaduum, which has parallels both to an ancient Dwarven mine in Middle-Earth as well as a place called Za’ha’dum, home of the Shadows.  Hard to say which parallel is best, but also: he’s known as Khazaduum, First of His Name.  Multiple parallels have been achieved.

Sometimes, I’m not sure where the lore is going. Sometimes, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.

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  1. That cutscene is so popular! A chance to replay it would be nice, actually. Some cutscenes in game can already be accessed through an NPC, so why not add this one.


  2. I took the same screenshot for this quest line haha so good!


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