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Note: this post contains spoilers about a fifteen year old science fiction movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have no pity. This is as close to a warning you will get.

It also contains spoilers about the end of Patch 5.2. If you haven’t completed that yet, you probably won’t anyway. Like me.

If you have done the Legendary quest chain to the point where you have slain the Thunder King ((Not I!)) and brought his heart to Wrathion, you get this bit of dialog, amongst others.


I had to think about that a bit. Where have I seen this before?

Oh, yeah.


“There is danger. Remember.”

“There is danger. Remember.”

“There is danger. Remember.”

In case this scene isn’t familiar, this is from a Babylon 5 TV movie, Thirdspace. And it kind of relies on you having seen the entire TV series to date, so imma splain.

No. It is too much. Imma summarize.

The B5 universe is inhabited by many races, one which is an ancient and god-like race called the Vorlons. Nobody knows much about them, and few have ever seen their homeworld. One person, the woman in the picture above, has. Her name is Lyta Alexander, and she is a telepath.  It was revealed in the TV series that she often telepathically communicated with the Vorlon ambassador, Kosh, and “carried a piece of him around” in her head – for what purpose, it is unknown.  But in the past we have seen evidence that certain triggers can activate what is loosely  called “programming” left behind by Kosh – for example, she destroyed the Shadow homeworld ((Long story, as in 4 seasons’ worth.)) as it was about to be claimed by the Alliance ((No relation.)) forces.

So when Lyta sees this “Thirdspace” artifact that is the centerpiece of this movie’s plot, she drops into a trance and starts scribbling those four words on the walls of her quarters, over and over again. An embedded warning, we learn, from the bit of Kosh’s latent programming.

Now, if her warning to herself seems somehow familiar, look again at Wrathon’s babbling at the start of this post and tell me you don’t see some sort of parallel.

Why is this significant?  Well, let’s let Lyta explain.

“I tried to tell you. I failed.  Now it is too late. The door is opening.”


Delenn: “What mistake?”

Lyta: “The first one. The one from which all other mistakes proceed. The error of Pride.” ((Uh-huh.))


“The saw us as gods. And we, in our pride, began to believe them.”


“We were so intent on getting out, that we neglected to think of what we might be letting in. Until it was too late.”


“They are a power beyond comprehension. A hunger beyond understanding. They are anti-life itself.”

We’re in tinfoil hat territory, folks.

This is not the first parallel between B5 and WoW. Not by a long shot.  B5 had a prophet named Valen.  We have a prophet named Velen.

Valen was actually a “present-day” human that went back in time to fight in the last Shadow War ((Long story, see above.)) and transformed into a Minbari (an old, wise, race that did not have horns and hooves, but other parallels are there) named Valen, who then led the Minbari to victory, and who prophesied about the NEXT Shadow War, which, coincidentally started up just before he went back in time.

Velen is a Draenai, former Eredar, of Argus.  Or is he? For all I know, he’s Anduin Wrynn, come back from the future.

There are other parallels, but just whetting your appetite there.  Are the Orcs equivalent to the Narn? ((Bat-wielding Narns?))  Or maybe the Tauren?  Forsaken = Drazi? Does this cast Jaina as Delenn or Ivonova? Oh, there are so many possibilities – and of course, I’m not saying Blizz is drawing its script from J. Michael Strazynski, I’m just saying that there are notes that I hear in both songs, as it were.

And that’s where Wrathion’s babbling comes in.  His warning – DO NOT FORGET – really smells a lot like Lyta’s warning to herself.  And if that’s a parallel, then what are we saying here – are the Titans cast as the arrogant Vorlons?  Some other force – the Legion, for example? – in the role of the Thirdspace aliens?

And what is the equivalent to the Thirdspace Artifact, then?  Portal’s done. Sunwell’s closed.  The Maelstrom?  Could Mad Deathwing’s demise there have caused something to start cooking? Could somebody possibly drop a benny in the Well of Eternity under Nordrassil?  Well, there are a few possibilities, assuming they didn’t just do something new.  I hear there’s a corner of Stormwind still standing. Let’s open a portal there!

Things to Come

We know from a specific roadmap allegedly from 2003 that the next expansion is likely (by that map) to be “Legion Set”, which really ties in well with this. I would not be at all surprised if the next expansion, assuming it’s the Legion Set, opens with Wrathion delivering a dire warning about something that the Dwarves or Goblins or both were tinkering with at the Maelstrom, or maybe the Tauren and Elves at Nordrasil. Or maybe he just flips out and does the deed himself. Either way, the setup seems pretty … convenient.

So there’s that.

The epic struggle at the heart of B5 was the Alliance / Shadow war, or more specifically, the build up to the war, the struggles internal and external, the realization that the Shadow War wasn’t strictly a war against The Shadows, and the discovery that no matter how big you are, there’s always a bigger fish.

While it hasn’t always been front and center, the war between the Legion and the Titans has always been at the heart of things, and unexpectedly, the Pandaria campaign may have just dropped us right back in the middle of it.  We have a pretty strong suspicion that it’s coming, anyway, but this and previous things from Wrathion really do seem to point in that direction.

It’s the end of the Plan as we know it

Blizzard’s never been happy with that post on Allakhazam, especially since it seems to be so accurate.  I’m sure they’ll be happy to get past the Legion expansion, should it happen, so they can venture into territory that we have even fewer clues on. That’s not to say the Titans won’t figure into it again.

As Lyta concluded: “One mistake. One of many.  So many.”

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