:: BLINK ::

I remember this place.

The Dwarf paused mid-shot and gawked.  His companions were all busy battling … Moroes. His name is Moroes. But he couldn’t remember why. And then this moment of … clarity. When he knew, distinctly, who he was. He looked around.

On the other end of the room was an ice block with someone frozen inside. His ice trap. He did that? Who … Robin Daris. Lord Robin Daris. But I call him "Sir Robin." Why? As he watched, the ice block evaporated, and Daris started running at him, murder in his eyes. "Grimm, wake up! Your add is loose!"

Oh, right!  He carefully set his freezing trap, grinned at "Sir Robin", and scampered away from the trap.  Daris immediately froze again. Safe again for a while. I suppose I best help bring down … Moroes some more. Raising his gun, he pulled the trigger and

:: BLINK ::

I remember this place.

The Dwarf paused again. What … again, this sudden … clarity. Memory. He remembered other times, in between the gaps. Storming Karazhan. Even going after Gruul and other denizens of Outland. The return of Varian Wrynn. And other episodes, all punctuated by these odd … gaps. He could remember them, too, but only as if through a fog, as if he was dreaming his own life.

You need to go over there. Talk to the druid.  The Voice. He remembered the Voice, too. During the gaps, the Voice seemed to be his reality.  These quiet moments of clarity were all his, though. Mostly.

The Dwarf paused, absently patting his bear’s back, and drew in a breath, then another. I love this place. The neighbors, not so much. But this place makes me feel … alive.  It felt like Dun Morogh. Like home.

The nagging was getting to him. Oh, yes. I needed to talk to the druid.  Handing Arch-druid Lathorius a bag full of … ears? … he muttered "Here ye go, ye wee squirrely druid." Lathorius grinned back at him, "Congratulations, you’re exalted with the Cenarion Expedition!"

Voice shouted in the distance, "Great, let’s go get that Hippogryph!"

Wait, what hippo —

:: BLINK ::

I remember this place.

Well,of course he did. He’d been lurking around Zul’Drak for ages. Be vewwy quiet, I’m hunting Gondwia.  Where did that come from? And why did it sound so familiar?

Rounding the bend on his search, he saw her. Gondria! Oh, she was beautiful! His heart sped. Adrenaline kicked in. Time to go tame us a new friend!

He was … so sluggish, though.  This won’t do.  C’mon, Grimm, remember your training.  As if breaking free of a dream, he got back to business. Land. Dismiss Bumbles. Get close. Set trap. Break out the rod, and tame!

After what seemed like an eternity, it was over. "Hello, my friend", he murmured to his new companion. "And welcome to the pack."  She rumbled appreciatively as she consumed the treats he offered her.

"I don’t know how I did that!  I kinda froze, but it was like everything happened by itself. That was so cool!"

Hullo, Voice.  What in the name of the Light are you babbling about?


:: BLINK ::

It was a nightmare.  Once again it was like walking through quicksand, but this time his friends were going to die.  One of the designated Blood Beast pullers had gone down, and here he was, unable to react.

Breaking free at last, he got to work. We can still salvage this, he thought. Lay trap. Misdirect. Fire on Blood Beast. Drag him through the trap.  Run, jump, spin. fire, jump, spin, run!  As Bumbles tanked the other one, his guildmates brought it down.  Why did I hesitate?  I almost blew it!

As he continued to do his job, the Voice was joined by others.

"… wow, where’d you pick that trick up?"

"… I don’t know! My client’s locked up, but he’s just doing his thing!"

"… well, thank goodness for bugs, then!"

One more wave of Blood Beasts, and at last they took down poor, dead, Saurfang.

As the voices babbled in the back of his mind, he knelt next to his fallen foe. Aye, ye fought valiantly at the Wrath Gate, lad. May the Light take ye and keep ye at last.

"… be right back, I’ll restart the client."

Wait – what – no!

:: BLINK ::

"… so I’ve uninstalled all my addons, wiped my cache, cleaned out the WTF, completely reinstalled the client, but my main still acts like he’s botting, on and off. I’m not sure what else I can do."

"I’ve reviewed your case, and given all the information, we’ve determined that there must be some sort of corruption in our database. Since it’s been so long since the problem started, we’ve taken the action of resetting your character completely, then rebuilding it. We apologize, but it will take a little while to complete the process. One day, two at most."

"Thanks.  It’ll be nice to finally be able to put that behind me."

Wait. No!  Don’t! Why can’t you hear me?

Oh, this can’t be good.

:: BLINK ::

"Yeah, this last try seems to have fixed it. Blizz had to totally wipe the character file or something. At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing how this works in the next raid. Hoping there are no … episodes."

I’m still here, Voice.

Maybe you can’t hear me.

But I’ll always be here.

All you have to do is listen.

The soul of a true Hunter can never die.

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  1. Powerfully written, very haunting. This was excellent, and such a cool idea… makes you wonder.


    • I imagine there are any number of legit sci-fi authors I stole the concept from, but the secret life of avatars never ceases to bemuse me. Glad you liked it. 🙂


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