Today was a good day to die a lot

Eff the Ineffable has dipped its toe into the world of PvP as a guild, now. It’s been a long time – BC! – since I set foot in a BG for reals. I was suitably nervous, not even knowing the right kind of pet to bring to the party.

We were unable to field 10 for a rated BG, so we five-man did two random BGs just to get some experience at it. In the first (EotS) I did pretty good, delivering massive damage to the enemy. Not knowing a strat to follow, I just focused on killing Horde. That was marvelous.

Our second BG was Twin Peaks, and I was even more lost there, having never seen the BG in person. To make matters worse, the Horde had one hella good DK who really knew his stuff. He’d lock down the entire area, beat the hell out of his targets, use his cooldowns extremely well – in short, he pwned face. I made it my goal, whenever I saw him, to focus on him with every thing I had. He returned the favor, more often than not. Diaz of whatever server, hats off to you, bud.  Until we meet again.

I’m no good at this PvP thing, but I see no reason I can’t contribute in some way, and I do usually enjoy myself, so I plan on doing what I can to improve.

  • Develop a good PvP glyph build
  • Develop keybinds and learn them. Must be able to switch back and forth to PvE set.
  • Find and train a good PvP pet or two.
  • Find the most effective PvP build and in general adopt it as my off-spec (BM or MM).
  • Pay a visit to Cyn for some good BG cheat sheets
  • Develop PvP gear set – which will happen over time.

Speaking of blowing things up

When I found I would be in competition with a fellow guildie on the glyph market, I decided to drop that spec and focus on something else ((Also, the market was turning out to be less than vital compared to others, so my guildie’s decision mostly just tipped me over the line rather than forced my hand.)). I chose Engineering as it offers many fun perks.  Now, of course, it also offers some means of making mayhem on the enemy, as well, so I am doubly satisfied at my new career choice.

I’ve chosen Gnome Mode, we’ll see how that works out.


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  1. Also, as I understand it, Engineering proves useful for extra interrupts on our little friend Cho’gall.


    • Hm, well, I’ll have to see where that comes from. I haven’t ever gotten engineering past BC levels, so it’s all wide open territory for me.


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