It’s the Tenth Annual Finding Jaina Day

Jaina 2011-12-27

Ten years ago, a scruffy little kitten wandered across the parking lot right in front of our car, seemingly on her last legs. We took her in – no way we didn’t. When we took her to the vet, they said she had FIP and wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. We were resolved to make those last weeks as good as possible for her.  Now, in her tenth year of telling that vet clinic to bite her little furry butt, she remains the queen of the castle and the bane of  veterinary techs everywhere.  We mark this, the tenth anniversary of finding Jaina, with full hearts and a few new scars.

Jaina 2021-05-10

Jaina herself has been doing okay.  We’re concerned this fall that her lovely mane has started to go away, and her whiskers, formerly magnificent, and becoming short and bristly.  So we took her to the vet’s on Christmas Eve for a looksee. Prognosis: probably allergies. The vet gave her an allergy shot which will hopefully help.  She was, again, an unholy terror and after her performance after two shots, the vet declared that they wouldn’t be able to trim her claws as we originally requested.  No surprise.  But that’s life and death with Jaina the Bearcat.

At least the vet tech didn’t nope outta there like the last one.

Tater 2021-05-23

Her cohabitors are largely the same.  Tater has developed a new habit, basically coming to tuck us in ever night. As we get settled in, she shows up.  A few ear scritchies, and then she starts making us some biscuits. After a few minutes she’s done.  It’s very cute.

petey 2020-12-14

Butterscotch 2021-08-26

Things are less settled with the Beltalowdas (outside kitties). Pinky and Browny both disappeared; we found out later on that Pinky was killed, theory is that it was a big cat a few blocks over that did it.  Our neighbor came by with a picture and asked if we knew who it was, so we have some closure.  Guessing the same thing happened with Brownie, who was less friendly so, fingers crossed, he’s fine but departed the area.

Pinky’s sister, Stripe, has had a couple of litters so far and eluded capture. Of the first litter there were two, and we were able to capture both and get them fixed. Of the  second litter, all but one disappeared – we think our neighbor trapped them and took them in to be adopted. The last one, Gremlin (no pics yet), is about where we can capture her and get her fixed, she’s a bit more trusting than her mom. She loves noms and cream, and is quite the little chonker.

Butterscotch & Scooter 2021-06-21

Pinky’s other brother, Noodle, is a major turnaround – he was very skittish early on, but started coming in for treats and is now it’s very common he’ll come in and sleep the day away in one of the cat beds. He also likes laps and cuddles.

Noodle 2021-10-27

Monster has flourished in this past year. She’s taken to sometimes sleeping with Mrs Grimm, hard up against the back of her legs, at night. She’s also gotten friendlier, often soliciting for pets and scritches. But she’s still very much a creature of the outdoors, and prefers to be out when she can.  We’re still hoping to bring her around.  She’s a lovely floof.

monster & noodle 2021-09-13

Monster 2021-04-15

This coming year we’re hoping to

  1. Get to the bottom of Jaina’s hair loss and possibly cough
  2. Get the last of the Beltalowda females fixed and avoid more litters.
  3. Get the Beltalowda males – Noodle and Goblin (his daddy)  – fixed.  (2) and (3) together will finally stabilize this colony.

I can’t believe it’s been ten years with our little bearcat. She and her traveling companions have been a blessing. Here’s hoping for another ten.

Jaina 2021-10-26

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