Doing my part to make the situation worse

If you’ve been in a cave recently (the irony will make itself known momentarily), you may have missed that a new battle pet has been discovered in-game. It was datamined a while back, then revealed as a special pet for an event in Taiwan. Now, the companion pet Terky, a rare non-purchasable murloc pet, has been revealed.

S/He hatches from a small egg found in a cave in Northrend. It’s not the easiest to find. First, go here:

Dive below water, and you’ll see the entrance to the west in the cliff face, around 56, 88. Enter the cave; it’s a short swim until you hit a wall. Then go straight up and you’ll enter the cavern.

It’s a pretty popular spot.

Right in behind the table is a pile of refuse, and withn that is a small white egg. Click on that to loot your Terky.

Note that the respawn time for the egg is pretty short, so don’t be discouraged! Be patient and you’ll get it. I got mine in less than five minutes. Took longer to get there.

I realize that joining the chorus of people trumpeting the new pet is probably making things fractionally worse, but I also suspect that a lot of people are going to shy away from this pet if they feel like getting it will be too difficult. Fortunately, this isn’t a Noblegarden-class clusterquack, so don’t let the crowds discourage you! Go get your murloc!


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