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Update 4/22/2011 – the author, Meghan O’hara, has graciously given permission for me to host her work here. Thank you very much, Meghan, both for the permission, and for the comic as well!

For a brief period of time, we were treated to the mad, epic adventures of Auden and Gweryc in Hammer of Grammar. Unfortunately, life overtook the author and she was unable to continue to publish, and, after that passed, she simply had no more time for this sort of thing. The site later went dark, taking all of the strips with it.  Fortunately, I saved copies.

I post this gallery in the spirit of sharing. Years later, these panels are still every bit as funny as they were back then, and they deserve to be enjoyed.

Credit to the author, Meghan; blame to me.

The title of each strip is mine alone; if Meghan had a title in mind for each, she didn’t share.

#1: Don’t need no gun

Unfortunately, this strip is lost to everyone, including, apparently, the author, as it disappeared from the site before the site went dark.

The upshot was that a bunch of chumps made fun of Gweryc for being a melee hunter, and he pretty much pwned them in return.

So Totally Worth It

#2: So Totally Worth It.

In which the youngsters are faced with their inadequacies, which, it turns out, might be imaginary after all. But we’re not telling.

#3: Epic QQ

What amuses me the most about this strip is that Auden pegged Goblins while intending to be ironic.

Of course, I, too, would be stoked at the thought of Murlocs as a playable class.


#4: Not Going There

Personally, I would have cracked at the Gnome, but Auden is made of sterner stuff. The bad RP was just too much to take – or maybe it was the scar.


#5: I Respectfully Disagree

The characterizations of the various races was so spot-on it hurts. And the recent additions are no prizes in that respect. Bitter? Let me show you mine.


#6: Kicky Throw Pillows

I was thinking about this one last night as we were making a guild achievement run through BT. I admit I was unable to stop chuckling as we proceeded through certain areas.


#7: RP 101

When the streets of Stormwind are dark and quiet, the support groups come out and seek out their prey.


#8: AFK of the Ages

It’s not just for battlegrounds anymore.


#9: Deep An’ Profound

Auden gives overwrought backstories a whole new level of willi-ness.


#10: Be Careful What You Ask For

The saddest thing about this strip is that the laundry list of things that Auden complains about are still exactly as they were all those years ago. The next time you hear that the sexism-in-WoW argument is old, tired, and overdone, remember that. At least four years have passed.


#11: On the Perils of Player Housing ((This title was provided by Auden herself in the comic))

At the time that this strip was posted, rumors were flying about the possibility of there being player – or guild – housing in-game for Wrath of the Lich King. Of course, they didn’t go there, and didn’t even deliver on all the features they did promise (I’m looking at you, dance studio). But, at the time, everybody was very excited at the possibility.

  1. Thank you so much for saving these comics. As friends of Audin and Gweryc it’s really nice to see them this way again. Now, I’m off to have a beer with them. Well, Gweryc anyways.


  2. I’m quite excited to see these posted! I followed the comic when it was active and then routinely searched for any sign of it after the site went down. I always regretted that I didn’t take the time to backup these comics. I’m glad you did though! Thank you for sharing! ❤ ❤


    • And now’s your second chance to make local copies! I’m sorry I didn’t have a copy of the first comic she published. I’m not even sure she does.


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