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imageWelp, I got played.

A couple of days ago, TSM – an addon for auctions, among other things lost its data feeds.  These data feeds provide information about item pricing on the auction houses of specific realms.

This data is fetched live by a desktop utility which, incidentally, also keeps your addon up to date for you.  So the expectation is that, when the game launches, the data that the desktop tool fetched is waiting for it.

Now, normally when the feeds die, the addon refuses to function, or at least it refuses to do auction-related functions that rely on that data(1) without a very noticeable notification.  But this time, what we saw was that TSM threw an error when we logged in, and some – but not all – auctions that rely on TSM data feeds refused to post, or be cancelled, through the addon.

What I did not realize at the time was that some auctions were posting even though they relied on data feeds.

Now, there was an indicator in the AH window that there was a problem with the data feeds, but the desktop app insisted the feeds were up to date – though I noticed that they were last updated over 24 hour ago.

Anyway, unknown to myself, as I said, some of these dependent auctions were allowed to go through. But due to the vagarities of how the defaults were set up for these auctions (with a category called “dump” you can probably guess the nature of those vagarities) some of these auctions posted for less than 10g or, in one case, 1g.  These auctions were for items that were normally priced around 25,000 to 100,000 GP.

Now, I’m not going to point fingers here.  Ultimately, the driver is responsible for plowing into the side of a school bus full of kindergarteners. And I took out, metaphorically, about 10 busses. I took the defaults. I was lazy. I did not react to obvious danger signs. This was 100% on me.

But it is vexing – vexing! – that TSM has multiple publication channels and yet none of them were updated regarding this. Their blog was last updated in March. The Twitter feed, April. I don’t live on Discord(2) but just posting on Discord is insufficient and, not to put too fine a point on it, lazy.

So, yes, I do take full responsibility for losing around 200Kg in one night, but TSM bears responsibility for not being up-front about what just happened. 24 hours after this incident, nothing. It’s not like you can blame my computer. I am the master of this ship and know what happened on it. So let’s not go there and make TSM’s maintainers look stupid(3).

The main cause of this loss is something called “sniping”. This is an AH practice that involves finding ludicrously undervalued auctions and snapping them up to resell at the market value, which happens to be far higher – thus, a profit. You may think this is not something that happens a lot, but, in fact,  it does. In fact, it happens so often that TSM actually has a “sniper mode” built in. “Goblins” are expected to be “snipers” because Mammon forbid if they were portrayed as fucking geeks with fucking spreadsheets that happened to notice that something sorted lower than usual.

Listen, I loathe the concept of Sniping but I really don’t have a beef with them. Normally. In this, an abnormal situation, they ate my lunch. Good show. Go you. I still, unexpectedly, have no beef. Listen, in a month, I’ll have recovered all losses and then some. I knew these fuckers existed, and planned around it – based on known solid, accurate information(4), and my plan, as it were, is basically let them go do their thing while I focus on the long game. That has not changed.

Have lessons been learned? You bet your hairy ass they have. I will in the future be less cavalier in posting auctions when there are any indications at all that my AH addon is malfunctioning. For the simple reason that I can no longer trust that the people that maintain it and its infrastructure are doing so in good faith. And, if I notice that the data feeds are over 24 hours out of date? Best practice is probably to wait a day before doing any auction-related activities. This is something that would be de rigueur when, for example, transitioning from one expansion to the next. But In the middle of all the shit, with no expansion or even content patch? Unexpected.  At best.

I’ve been pwnt. Well played, pwner. You goblins got your pound of flesh. I’ll keep the metric ton of fleshage, though. Carry on. I am playing the long game. And I will be here long after this event. Regardless.

  1. It’s possible to do so, but it’s not the default.
  2. Discord is not an archive.  #IYKYK
  3. Somebody please tell me they aren’t stupid
  4. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

So this happened

Well, we thought we had a handle on healers, but our guild ended up being so hard up for one that I got dragged back into the sunlight again. So I’ve been Atone-ing my little elvish ass off and sweating like a software engineer at a mixer party, but not having much time to hit the Island of Mucho Loot (The Elvish name is untranslatable).

So I replaced my iLevel 450 shoulders tonight. And this happened.

Better late than never

Cataclysm. Or, as I like to call it, The Long Hangover.

Everybody does search terms

I love it when bloggers post search terms that brought people to their website, and express awe / incredulity / outrage / amusement at the outlandish terms that often bring people to them.

But what of the spammers?  Nobody loves them, and yet they submit such masterful examples of the language – whatever it might be.

So, to be different, let’s share.


I do not even know the way I ended up here, however I believed this put up was once great.

Yes, our heyday is long past, and now we’re wallowing in mediocrity.


I do not recognize who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

I once almost met BRK in real life, this is true.  Perhaps there is another famous blogger I will go to someday. Ratters, you up for a double date?


This write-up very pressured me to check out and do so!

That write-up pressured me to check out as well.


Your writing style has been amazed me.

Again, clearly we’re past our prime.  All but called has-beens!


You recognize therefore significantly with regards to this topic, made me in my view imagine it from numerous various angles.

I am imagining several angles as well, trying to parse this one.


Your individual stuffs excellent. At all times handle it up!

If you don’t handle it up, you won’t get gas.


I am sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you to your sweat!

My sweat says "your welcome".  My sweat is trolling.

I’ve added a rotating wall of spam to the blog. Don’t tell Grimm, let’s see how long it takes him to notice!

Don’t look at me that way

I can’t help it.

I literally cannot focus on anything else while one of these are around.

Can you see it?

minimap 1

No? Look closer.

minimap 2


There’s a quest nearby.

And I can’t just go about my business until I find it and get the quest.

So what is it?

stupid pumpkin


Stupid pumpkins.  NOT INTERESTED.

But …




stupid candy

Stupid candy.



You do what you have to do to get the job done.

Priesty PSA: Dispelling

Ever since I started running instances with the guild again, I’ve been running into a memory problem: I couldn’t remember which binding I had assigned to my dispel set up for in Clique.  I’d see error messages like "Invalid target" and wonder what I’d just hit.  Then I’d open Clique up after the fight and go "I could swear I hit that combo."

A couple of days ago I realized what my mistake was.

Tooltip for Dispel Magic:

Dispels magic on the enemy target, removing 1 beneficial Magic effect.

Contrast to the older version – the one I was bound to:

Dispels magic on the target, removing 2 harmful spell from a friend or 2 beneficial spell from an enemy.

So Dispel Magic only works on the Bads, then. What replaces it, and Cure Disease?

Digging through the spell book, one sees Purify.

Dispels harmful effects on the target, removing all Magic and Disease effects.

It’s actually two spells in one, making and it isn’t limited in the number of debuffs it’ll remove – it removes all of them. The tradeoff? It’s on an eight-second cooldown now.

So don’t be Derp Priest like me ((To be fair, I don’t remember this being part of the "things that changed" text, or called out in WoWHead. Even if it was, I’d’ve probably missed it due to the sheer volume of information. Derp derp derp.)). Square your binds up before things get real.

Impending DING

In conjunction with some fairly recent navel gazing, I see this bit from Calli via Larisa today:

“The problem is, I’m 41 next month. My reflexes aren’t what they used to be, there are youngsters in our raid who act like they have the reaction times of rattlesnakes on crack and they handle fights like this with ease. Me, I need time to process things, time to let muscle memory take the slack that my reflexes can’t handle and my brain can’t process.”

… and I went, “well, yeah.”

I’ve been evaluating my performance in raids over the past three weeks. I’ve been improving. I strongly believe this. But I also have a propensity to fail in situations that require me to react quickly to sudden events.  As Calli says, instead of reflexes, I have become more and more dependent on muscle memory and experience to get me through a fight.

I don’t feel particularly happy with that reasoning on my own part, though, because it feels a bit like I’m making excuses for being a failbot.  On the contrary, I’m trying to find ways to compensate for what is becoming more and more a concern to me. The first part of improving is to identify what CAN be improved.

In my old guild, we progressed more slowly. I was pretty much middle of the pack, for the most part (except Kara, which was my first EVAR raid and all-new experience). The demographic of that guild tended towards my own age bracket. But the Effers are a bit more ambitious. They get impatient if it takes us more than two weeks to pick up on a new boss. And dying to the stupid really doesn’t help attitudes. Where being a bit of a doof was once considered a moderately charming idiosyncrasy in the past, it’s a serious hinderance now. I have to find ways around that, and fast.

Age and guile. Gotta work that.

If only being 41 was the problem. Next month I ding 50, and, unfortunately, I can’t get back to 41 without a few souls and a fifth of Yukon Jack, and voluntary soul donors are hard to come by.  So, again, we go to raiding with the Dorfs we gots, not the dorfs we wish we had.  I look at Calli and consider 41 to be good times gone by. 🙂


With all this beardy naval gazing going on, it didn’t help that the AARP mailed me my membership card in advance.

Oh, yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Well, onward and upward. If we can field bodies we may even get to Valona and Theralion and thier FABULOUS flames. ((ORLY.))

It’s all safe in the cloud

For eight weeks, I’ve been working on a review / comparison piece regarding HUD addons, as you may be aware.  This morning I was just one day of cleanup away from posting the first of FIVE parts.  I figured I’d work on the wordy stuff in between things at work, and work on the picturey stuff here. So, I posted the draft to the blog so I could access it from there.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the copy that was up there, and most of it was gone.

On top of that, the latter half of it was at least five weeks old, whereas the top half was all stuff I did this weekend.

Yeah, I'm totally breaking out the dude for this one. Grumpy dorf is grumpy.

Where does that leave me?

Well, right now I’m going to go off and sulk. I have to get my act together for a server transfer this weekend, I have much to do, and I’m just a little sick of HUDs and that sort of thing. The thought of reconstructing all that work makes me angry, really, and it’s no more useful to blog angry as it is to drive angry.

So I’m going to walk away from it and cool off a little.  Evaluate the wreckage, and try to work up the enthusiasm to revisit it, at least in some form. 

The good news is that all of the research I did is preserved in the form of several Google spreadsheets – assuming they don’t get eaten by the Mothership as well, and I kinda know what to write about each, and let the charts do the rest of the talking.

Meanwhile, I have an idea for a totally fluff piece I want to do (more Model Viewer work, foshizzle!), so I’m going to do that one to please the muse before I consider satisfying my sense of obligation.  Hope you don’t mind.

As a little appetizer, here are some very brief recommendations:

  • IceHUD seems to be most feature-complete and versatile.
  • UnderHood2 has an excellent featureset, too, some unique config elements, and is just shy of taking the crown.
  • ArcHUD, MetaHUD, two DHUDs (yes, two) – all are quite capable and will likely meet 90% of anyone’s needs.
  • Do NOT install sHUD until you read the docs. I mean it.
  • Having said that, sHUD and TuttiHUD are excellent non-nonsense, bare-bones addons that get the job done.
  • CircleHUD bears special mention for its unique take on the topic.

More details, feature matrices, and so forth, after I take a breather.  Thank you for your patience.

Q: How many security experts does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Ni hao!

We just had our third hack take place for the month.

After two guys got hacked, stripped, false authenticators attached to their accounts using stolen credit card accounts.


After all the bruhaha.

After Blizz made it part of the login process to see a notice about how aggressive hacks have gotten.

After all this, this guy, this raider guy, who has access to repair funds and guild bank, gets hacked.

Actual quote:

I’m a network security expert. I have a virus scanner. They must have hacked Blizzard.

That’s right. You got hacked, so it must be Blizzard that got haxxored, and after much fighting against the AI ICE programs, many which looked like Marlon Brando from Superman, they escaped Cyberspace with your credentials.

I mean …

Apparently, the above quote translates to:

Only idiots get authenticators. I’m too leet.


  • Just.
  • Get.
  • An.
  • Authenticator.
  • Please.

Or I will eat a kitten. I swear to Mammon.

So. I raided.

Getting back into the game, I was asked to come in for ICC, VoA, and Ulduar runs.  Not Jas … me. There seems to be the impression that healing burnout is to blame for Meta’s attitude, which isn’t the case.  Sure, variety makes things more interesting, but if the same downer influences are present, it doesn’t matter if I’m topping off your health bar or blowing the bejeezus out of a boss.

That I’ve been reduced to raider level and not restored to officer is in fact helping, since the major downer influence resides therein. And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

Back to the raiding thing, though.

As one might suspect, humble pie is served in family-sized portions here. My DPS is generally on the bottom of the DPS brackets, and that’s with several ICC5 drops to my name. I’m currently running BM; 3.5K sustained DPS is low end for ICC10 gearing.  It’s still leaps and bounds beyond what I was doing pre-ICC, but when the GM’s mage is 1500K ahead of you on a bad day, it shows.  The healer that replaced Jas is run by the guy that usually brings his fully geared Hunter to the show, which is probably 1500 DPS that we’re missing.

So yeah, it shows on fights like Saurfang.

I am fairly pleased that we got to Saurfang, though. Last week, during the break, apparently it didn’t go so well. One player commented to me that they missed Jas’ healing there – which I kinda doubted since he’s one to always think more healz is the solution – but this week, with actually one less healer, we did fine. Thus my skepticism over the ‘moar healz’ approach.

When going from a healer to DPS, it’s pretty scary. This is why Meta likes all the roles – learning all gives you insight as to what challenges each faces. However, when you’re as rusty as I am, the challenges are even greater.

So, one thing that DPS critics will never truly acknowledge is that DPS is a lot of work. They think all you do is sit around and faceroll shadowbolt or frostfire or steady shot, but there’s actually a lot to do, which is one reason I’ve always enjoyed being a Hunter because there’s (well, used to be, anyway) more to do than most DPS classes. Even with CC being a lesser concern these days, there is much running around and burning down of adds to attend to. Of course, most DPS will lament that this gives an advantage to melee DPS since they don’t have to switch off that much, but I’m willing to give them the opportunity for epeen – they have it pretty rough, being what they are and all.

These fights are, of course, grounds for my heart to start racing and my hand to tremble just a little.  Jas has been in these fights, with Jas’ focus. The wider view required of a DPS has not been there. So there have been a few “OK, what do I do for this one?” moments.  And quite a few fails, though fewer than I feared.  There are just some basics that you always attend to as a Hunter, such as using your pet to de-web people, not standing in stuff, and so forth.  I was especially happy with my Emalon performance, though I saw room for improvement.  ICC10’s first three bosses went well for me. Ulduar … now there’s a tough one. Partly because we have run that one less than any set of instances in WotLK, and partly due to my own unfamiliarity with the fights as a DPS, it was rocky and stayed that way.  True, we were 9-manning and one of the DPS (me) wasn’t really bringing his “A” game, but it’s sobering to be reminded that this isn’t an easy instance by a long shot.

The GM wants to complete Ulduar, and I am in complete agreement. Getting people to come play may be difficult, though, since it’s so huge.  A recent post by Hydra reminded me that we CAN extend the ID as much as we want on Ulduar, so I see no reason not to complete it.

I want that Starcaller title, too.