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Every expansion has it – that zone you just can’t stand. Sometimes it has zones you like as well – but, for me, the latter is less cluttered than the former.

In Shadowlands, well, there’s The Maw, but, I think we can all agree that it was designed to make us miserable so, yeah, mission accomplished. Go home early this week, Maw designers, you nailed it.

Aside from that, though, I have to say that most of the other SL zones get on my nerves, too. I can’t stand Revendreth, can barely tolerate Maldraxxus and Ardenweald, and mostly live with Bastion – but none are zones I particularly like.

What is it that makes me dislike a zone?  I can say that mostly it’s vertical space. Nothing irks me more than seeing a quest just in front of me and yet I’m standing at the top or base of a cliff. It’s annoying and frustrating.  And Revendreth – well, it’s all vertical spaces.

Another thing that annoys me is a lot of cover.  Heavily forested zones where tree branches are constantly getting in the way of your view just bug me.

That also begs the question – what zones do I actually LIKE based on that?  Obviously, those that provide a mostly flat and uncovered vista.  In that light, Nagrand (old school, but WoD version is also decent) is possibly my all time favorite. I realize it has some vertical spaces but they’re accessible for the most part.  Twilight Highlands, Classic Loch Modan, and Dun Morogh all figure big on this scale. Surprisingly, Ashenvale also is up there, even though it’s covered.  In this case the cover is all very tall trees, not the low lying ones in places like Elwynn.

Some that meet this criteria fall off the scale for other reasons. For example, I’ve never liked the aesthetics of Westfall in any of its incarnations and, while it has many fine features, Barrens (classic) is just so far away and hostile as to make it kind of a drag.

I can’t claim to be consistent, but I can claim to have an opinion. Smile

Hard Times in Bastion

Bastion bothers me.

A friend of mine on Twitter noticed this first, but I’ve seen it, too.  There’s something like a place that makes you shed your identity and turn into a person identical to all of the other people around you of the same gender a bit unnerving. And the words used by these people remind me of a, of a … well, this.

And then there’s this.


Here we have one of the cult members (circled, to the far right) “shedding his memories” (all the other circles).  You can see that this blue dude is actually in past life a Tauren, and his memories of his past are deemed “burdens”.

They should have named it “definitely not a cult land”.

Now, a certain major lore character that you saw in one of the animated shorts (not spoiling it) has started a counter cultural movement, and I have to say, while they’re being portrayed as the baddies, I’m kinda rooting for them.

It may be pretty here, but it’s just horrible.

Looks smaller from above


One of the little secrets of Vanilla was that there were three Stormwinds.

There was the Stormwind you saw when you approached from outside.

There was the Stormwind you saw from within the city.

And there was the city you saw when flying by.

One gimmick they could pull off this way was to make Stormwind Keep look ENOURMOUS.  I’m not even sure what that is behind the gate – a hill? But at any rate, the thing fades into the mist from the streets outside the Trade District.  In Retail, it’s a lot less imposing, because in Retail, there’s only one Stormwind.  And that doesn’t allow them to engage in any of those nifty little tricks of perspective.

It is Done

flying bfa

Tonight I started at just over 2,000 reputation short of being Revered with the Mechagon Trudgniks. I wasn’t expecting to get all that rep in one night, but the “find the chests” WQ was up so I popped it with a quest to spare.

So I’m flying in the current content once again.  I wish I could say it wasn’t a slog this time, but it really felt like a slog.  This “pathfinder” business started, what, in Draenor? I think it was Draenor.  And the funny thing is, it took a month, grinding as fast as I could.  I think it took less time in Legion, and it definitely took less than a month this time.

But it FELT like a slog through two pointless rep grinds.

I wonder if others feel the same way about the duration and pointfulness.

It’s funny, in that it feels like it was deliberately time-gated to drag things out. But if it takes less than a couple of weeks before you see people zipping around on flying mounts, how much of a delay was it?

I know I’m not alone when I say that I feel that Blizz is introducing time-wasting content to try to engage players longer – by “engage” I mean “engage players in time wasting activities”.

Okay, listen. Nobody’s kidding anyone here. Of COURSE they’re trying to drag things out, keep you involved longer without any real reward.

But what Blizz needs to do at this point is maybe put more effort into making it look less like they are.

Next up: something like 1000 manapearls to max out my benthic gear.  And maybe by then they’ll have new content.

Geography is weird

Every notice how close together Karazhan and Zul’Gurub actually are?  It isn’t obvious from the ground, but when flying in over the mountains from the Blasted Lands it sure is!

Screenshot 2018-06-13 21.37.13.png