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Out of the Comfort Zone


It may come as a surprise to some that I am painfully shy around a bunch of strangers. This is why LFD has always been a bit of a turnoff for me.  Oh, I used it for a while when it was introduced back in WotLK, but I was still very concerned about the negativity one might encounter.

When I started healing, that went up by a factor of, I dunno, a bazillion? Being a DPS in a dungeon group is one thing – there’s three of you, and if you’re not the top of the ladder that usually just gives the others something to preen about while they bask on their sparkle pony in front of the AH.

But as a healer, you’re generally in a position of Great Responsibility™ and the least little fuck-up will probably result in a wipe. What’s that saying? “Nomi covers his mistakes up with mayonnaise. Priests cover their mistakes with dirt.”  Well, something like that.

I had been patiently awaiting my guildies to return to the game after the Christmas break. Unfortunately, like last expansion, they never did. Lives to live, that sort of thing. We were reenacting the pre-Legion doldrums, and me with a full quest log of stuff that I needed to clear up in dungeons. So what’s a priest to do?

That’s right … tighten your shorts, pilgrim and sing like The Duke. We’re going in.

Now, the surprising thing is that so far, Heroics haven’t been too bad. I’ve had two deaths in something like ten runs, and one total full on gonzo brain fart that resulted in me being, well, not kicked, but left to rot while the rest of the team completed the final boss.

So I’ve learned something important. A toon well equipped from almost daily Emissary runs can hold up pretty well in Heroic dungeons.  This will be instrumental in getting me to take my other toons in as well.

The other takeaway is that I’ve been driving the Priest around as primarily DPS as I solo’d my way across the island. But that’s different from healing. So I’m still learning the ropes on that. My biggest takeaway on that was that Power Word: Radiance is pretty frigging awesome since it keeps me from having to spam Plea every 10 or so seconds across five bodies. I hit two bodies (usually the tank and me), and Power Word: Radiance takes care of the rest. That realization has been very useful.

The other thing is getting an opening sequence down.  Is it more important to have a DoT ticking on the boss before lighting up the tank with Atonement? Or the other way around? I guess it depends on the tank – a squishy one is gonna need the Atonement lit first, then you can start a DoT up to get the heals flowing (unless you have to Shadow Mend just to keep him up). So far I’m going with Plan A in most cases.  The really squishy tanks tend to be more cautious. The ones that benefit from Plan A generally go in guns blazing anyway. So I tend to light up the boss then tickle the tank.

Is that legal in Kaledori law? Or do I need a lawyer?

Not going there no more.

Our weekend routine generally involves each of the 80s running the daily random, and, since three of them are DPS, a lot of fishing or gathering. Since fish leads to fish feasts and herbs lead to glyphs and other stuff, it’s a win all around.

Usually our experience is pretty good. Oh, there’s hurry hurry stuff going on, and occasional oopsies, but generally it’s been a positive experience. Between the four of us, we’ve had three or four failpugs so far.

And yet, yesterday, I deliberately dropped out of a pug before it started. Oculus, you say? Nope. I’m down with Oculus. No, I dropped from Heroic Halls of Reflection.

The reasoning behind this is difficult to explain, but suffice it to say that generally speaking it’s a very frustrating experience for ranged DPS. The most difficult aspect is reaching agreement on targeting priorities when nobody is willing to speak.  Inevitably we fail to focus fire properly, the healer goes down, and it’s all over until we do the monochrome marathon, if we don’t have one or more quit as well.

So, Flora, Illume, and myself just won’t do it with strangers. Friends, guildies, sure. Pugs, no.

The ironic part of this is that Jasra doesn’t mind healing it at all. It’s challenging, yes, but if she gets killed by mobs, nobody’s going to claim she was at fault. Dying’s part of the game.

On blowing stuff up, and other matters.

Prior to taking my first timid steps into the land of PUG Madness, I swapped back over to the Destro spec to practice with it a bit. Having run around with Fred the Felguard all this time, I’d forgotten that Destro locks aren’t totally glass cannons. The snare I have built in to my Conflag generally means I get off an Immolate, Conflag, and one Incinerate before the mob wilts, still trying to get to me.  So that’s nice.

My PUG runs started with me at around 2300 dps but after that I got enough Triumph badges to get my T9 chest. That’s taken me to the 2500-2600 range, which is really nice to see.

Another topic …

I was reviewing my history and re-read the part about how the Draenai aren’t actually from Draenor at all. They’re from Argus. And who else is from Argus?  That’s right, things demon-ish!

So why can’t I banish space goats like I can any other demon? Why do they con as humanoids?

For that matter, instead of what we currently do for our succubus, why can’t we just go over to Goldshire and take our pick from the ones dancing on top of the mailboxes?   I can’t speak for all female warlocks out there, but some of us might want something a little more … substantial … at the end of the whip, anyway.

On taking first steps

For now, our break is over, and we’re all getting back into the daily routine.  For the past few days I’ve been the group’s focus toon, and I’ve been cranking out quests as fast as possible, getting close to done with most of them.

I also was the first among us to try the random dungeon without a guild-based safety net.  This was frightening.

Two things.

1) My DPS, for all that I’m toting around greens, quest blues, and one or two crafted epics, is around the 2500-3000 range.  I was taken aback by this. Frost, after all, is not known as the premier DPS build.   I don’t know what, exactly, this means, but I surely won’t turn it down.

2) Over three days, I participated in three very hurried, but mostly uneventful PUGs. There was no asshattery, at least none overt.   I always threw down the table, was often thanked, and at the end we usually exchanged “good run.”

I can hope it will always be that way.

I have no illusions. I am not saying “so where are all the failpugs?”  I know they are out there. I am not saying otherwise. I am merely … sharing my amazement that I’m 0/3 on failpug.  Here’s hoping my luck holds out indefinitely.