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Dashing through the ‘forge


One new feature of this Winter Veil  is the introduction of Greatfather Winter’s sled.  It has a fixed path through Ironforge, idling just in front of the pile o gifts.  When it’s idling (hovering in place) you can click on the sled to drive it, or one of the reindeer to ride them. In a few moments you’re off on an enchanted ride through Ironforge.

It’s probably too late for you


Behold this image of one Orlee, female Draenai protection Warrior.  If you notice something a bit off, it’s because she just /salute’d one of the roving Thief Catchers on Volunteer Guardsman day or whatever it’s called.  As I understand it, this appearance is good for one day only, so if you’re reading this, it’s probably too late for you.

Definitely too late for you Euros over there.

I haven’t the means, but I would kill to witness a 25-man raid consisting of people that /salute’d Dwarven guardsmen on this day before going into battle. It would be AWESOME.

It turns out that if you’re hanging out in one of the cities while thus transformed, you may get attacked by random “city attackers” or something like that. These are randomly generated mobs that exist just to make things interesting for you. You know, city guardsmen getting beat on by nasty Hordies, that sort of thing.

This happens irritatingly often, such as when you’re in the bank trying to sort out upgrades.

So, yeah, it this “micro” holiday was about making me feel the guardsmen’s pain, I AM ALL IN.

They see me Trollin’, they hatin’, mon


The 2016 Running of the Trolls is an event to benefit The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that focuses on suicide prevention among LGBT (and other) youth.  I will be there on my fresh Troll hunter, GrimmtoothTu.  I intend to be at least level 20 so I can help retrieve lostlings with my mammoth, but one need only roll a level 1 and show up to participate.

Essential links:

The Trevor Project Info:
Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386
Get help online :

Date: June 11, 2016

Time: 9PM EST / 6PM PST

Here’s a more thorough explanation of what’s going on, how to sign up, how to donate, how to participate, and an FAQ.

Magical Warlock Girl – Running of the Trolls

This is a truly worthy cause – I hope to see you there!

Don’t look at me that way

I can’t help it.

I literally cannot focus on anything else while one of these are around.

Can you see it?

minimap 1

No? Look closer.

minimap 2


There’s a quest nearby.

And I can’t just go about my business until I find it and get the quest.

So what is it?

stupid pumpkin


Stupid pumpkins.  NOT INTERESTED.

But …




stupid candy

Stupid candy.



You do what you have to do to get the job done.

On Leavetaking

It’s time.

Hanging out here isn’t going to make things change back to what they once were. We had some good times, but they’re over. Time to face up to that and move on.

The Vorpal Bunnies didn’t take Arthas down, but we came close. For a brief moment, we were mighty, and the Lich King may have known doubt.

But we did our part. We fought the good fight. And he did go down, only not by our hand.

It is enough.

We’re done here. Northrend is a cold, nasty place filled with lonely ghosts and haunted memories. It’s time to find a new home.

Leavetaking1 Time to take my leave of the Legerdemain. I settle affairs with Amisi, who, despite her name, has the loveliest dark eyes I’ve seen in a Human. We chat a bit, have a little tea. Her husband teases me about monopolizing her time, joins in for a while, and then goes about cleaning up some. Business is light right now, we have plenty of time.

The Azuregazes reckon the Powers That Be might move Dalaran somewhere more useful now, which would suit me fine. I love this place. It’s been home for so long.

And they’ve done it before.

Well, time to get moving. They’ll send my stuff along once I let them know where.

Leavetaking2 So, where to? The bustle of Stormwind?  Flora can’t say enough about the place. The comfort of Darnasus?  Surrounded by my own kind, communing with Elune? Shattrath? I never spent much time there when I passed through.

But … I can’t see making a new home when what I really need is my real home.

Leavetaking3 I may have been born a Night Elf, but my real family is here, in Ironforge. How many times has Uncle Grimm brought us together here to revel for one of our own? His first Kara clear… Flora’s Dreadsteed … my first Naxxramas clear … Fai’s return … so many memories here.

Leavetaking4 Firebrew’s been our virtual Hearth even when we were actually Hearthed in Dalaran. But we always come back. This is our family’s home. And, Light willing, it always will be.

I have no idea what will come. Maybe some time among my childhood memories will help me get my groove back. Maybe a burned-out priest can find her way back into the world again. Or maybe she’ll retire and take up knitting magical toboggan hats that sit cunning on the head. Maybe she’ll even go so far as to pursue her old love of metalworking again.

Arthas is gone.

There’s a whole new life out there.

I hope it’s friendly.


I also hope it has plenty of ale.

Go with the Light, my friends.

In contrast

When Wrath of the Lich King was about to come out, we had an invasion of undead, but, more significantly, there were agents about that could turn one into a zombie, which could attack others and turn them into zombies.

The griefers embraced it. Gladly, joyfully, they got infected and attacked their fellow citizens.  I even got swore at for doing my duty defending Stormwind from the Scourge because they wanted to go kill the auctioneer (and didn’t have the stones to kill the one in Org, of course).


Compare and contrast with the scene not 30 minutes ago:


That’s me and my fellow Alliance going district to district in Stormwind, shutting down Elemental portals. I haven’t seen a stream of righteous heroes like this in … well, a long, long time.

So, pfah on those that say this event is fizzling. Sure, the quests are easy and it’s easy to discount it as gedunk, but it just might be bringing us together in common cause. Maybe.

Within the heart of a tired old Dwarf, the flame of hope rekindles.


Updated 11/11/10 with Masith’s comments below.

Something that has not gotten a lot of attention is that there are elementals popping up all over the place, from rifts that appear in certain places. Destroy a rift, get a buff. Get one of each buff, and you get the achievement, [Tripping the Rifts].

If you are level 80, you need to get this in Northrend if you want to grab the daily quest that drops once a day (otherwise, old world will do just fine). Right now (on Alleria), Fire and Water spawn at the bottom of the hour, or up to ten minutes before, and Earth and Air spawn at the top of the hour, up to ten minutes before.

If you time this right, you can get all 4 in an hour.

Here are the spots I camped for mine.

Air: Borean Tundra, just north of Fizzcrank Airstrip, or the captured facility out in the dry lake (just to the west of it).

Earth: Grizzly Hills, just above the cauldron at Zeb’Halak.

Water: Dragonblight, just outside the Ebon Sanctuary cave entrance (just south of Fordragon Hold)

Fire: Zul’Drak, beneath Zeramas.

You have to be fairly close, so don’t quibble to use WoWHead for the exact location.

For level 70 and above, you can also look in Outland, for the daily.

For level 60 and below, it’s very zone-dependent, so look at the maps attached to the above links for more information.

This is likely a limited time offer.

(There was initially some confusion regarding the level. To be clear, you get the buff from any of the rifts. However, the first one each day drops an object that you can turn in as a daily quest. THOSE only drop from level-appropriate rifts. h/t to Masith for the correction.)

One of us

In the ultimate evaluation of the clan here, we are all orphans. My parents were murdered in cold blood as Grim Batol was taken from us. Every day, I look out from my balcony and wonder when it will be that I can set foot in my parent’s old domicile and reclaim it as my own.

My “family”, now, consists of orphans, all of us severed from our family history by History itself, or at least its cousin, Destiny. Flora and Illume, from the Scourge invasion. Jas, Slithmere, and Yarley from the Third War. Orlee and Ku, from the campaign against the Burning Legion. And of course, Faiella is our own personal reminder of the war against the Lich King.

Over all, my family is the wretched refuse of several wars, all united in our desire to simply be. Our common bond is the desire – no, the right – to exist beside those that are more fortunate than ourselves.

Well. This time of the year, my feelings do run deep.

Each year, around this time, we are asked to open our hearts and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Namely, the myriad orphans of several wars’ worth of our world’s history.   Over my life, I’ve adopted into my household many orphans – human, dwarf, night elf, draenai … and my heart is open to even more. My parents, for all that they were taken from me, left me with the means to support myself and many like me that had no other family. I am blessed, and my new family is one form of that blessing.

With the advent of Children’s Week, I was given new reason to reach out and help my fellow … sentients … in the world.   A young girl, named Dornaa, was entrusted to me. “Show her around, show her the wider world and inspire her” – that was the challenge, one gladly met.  As I flew her around Outland, I slowly fell in love with the girl.  So much she reminded me of what attracted me to Flora, or Jasra, or even Orlee … heart of fire, mind like lightning, spirit of stone, thoughts like the wind. Surely, she was something special. She made my spirit soar just by having her around.

I knew something was up when I took her to the Caverns of Time, though. The guards there reacted … unusually. Where before, they had protected the Dragon that ruled over the place, in this case they seemed prepared to end Dornaa’s existence right there. Just before that, Zaladormu intervened and warned that whatever she would or would not do in the future was hers to do or undo, and no others’ – or words to that effect.

Then and there, I resolved myself to this child’s destiny. I have no illusions about myself, no … but I have none about the wider world, either. Sure, I’ve made a few bad calls in my life. But I think that a young draenai raised in my household would have the basic … ethical … tools … to make the right decision regardless of what the Bronze Dragonflight considered to be “right”. We Wildhammers may be somewhat unpredictable, but we always err on the side of what’s RIGHT, in a general sense.

I was ready, at the time, to announce proudly to the Clan that we had a new member, when I received a flat rejection from Matron Mercy … seems that the high council at The Exodar has taken a direct interest in the young lady at the behest of the Shamanistic faction within.

In a way, my heart is broken … she had already exhibited an interest in creative use of game mechanics (O Scout … why hast thou forsaken us?) … but all the same I am full of joy, for her Nation has found reason to value her and call her into service, something we Dwarves value highly. And, truly, from what they tell me, she has the potential to eclipse Thrall himself as a Shaman, so, truly, this could be a Great thing.

Her life, no matter the outcome, will be significant. This I know in my heart. She is destined for greatness. I hope it is on “our” side.

At any rate, the offer still stands. Dornaa, you have a home with us. You are truly One of Us, and we will welcome you gladly into our home.

Until then … may the Spirits choose your path wisely.

And thanks, for the time we had together. In this day and age, it’s truly inspirational for an old Dwarf to be surprised.