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There’s a bear out there!


Shortly after logging in to the pre-patch content, I noticed something very disturbing about my favorite pet, Bumbles the Polar Bear.  He looked … kinda scruffy, compared to his prior appearance.

2 bears

Do you even comb bro?

I was not pleased.

As always, Petopia to the rescue!  At the bottom of the  linked page, they list bears using the old models, which, they note, there is now only one of each of the colors.  And, as you can see, there is a white one – Bjarn, in Dun Morogh.

Now, I’m pretty sure that Bumbles the First was in fact Bjarn when first tamed, but I am hardly going to quibble over such an easy to find and tame creature.  Well, easy for me to find. Your mileage may vary.

I digress …. bears are of course not the only pet family afflicted with new-look-itis, I’m sure, but our good friends at Petopia have an answer for just about any one of them. So, if you don’t like your new pet’s look, go have a look! You may find a pleasant surprise.

At any rate, all is once again well between Bumbles and I. In this particular case, anyway.

Grimm and Bumbles (all is well)

All is well.

Finding Gara

I haven’t engaged on a good Rare Pet journey since I tamed Gondria all those years ago in Zul’Drak. I made a few half-assed attempts in Firelands and was always looking out for the Flaming Turtle in Hyjal, but I never really tried.  Gara, however, is another matter.  This beastie was put there for nobody but Beast Master Hunters. How could I not?

Gara Of course, since I’m not a mighty theorycrafter, beta baron, or suffering from delusions of adequacy, I relied on this guide, which Tome reminded me about long after I had forgotten it.

Ironically, the most difficult part of this was the newbie area … Frostfire Ridge. WoWHead to the rescue once again, explaining the seemingly single route into that place from friendlier lands. Oddly, once I got in there, it was somewhat easier than Shadowmoon to navigate.

The final battle didn’t even require me to dismiss my pet, so I was able to beat Xan into a pulp, then dismiss my attack!kitty, and tame me up a nice pet.

Catastrophe As you are no doubt aware, I am a deeply abiding fan of InfosecTaylorSwift, so I named my new friend in honor of her most recent videyo character.  Maybe I’ll continue the streak by naming my fire turtle Arsyn.  Whaddya think?

Surely, it was meant as a compliment

In one of his infamous temp posts (left up long enough to hit the feed readers, but gone when you click through), Jong alludes to a conversation between himself and my alter ego on Argent Dawn in the Singular Angular Notion guild (or whatever that stands for, I’m terrible with that stuff).

He was soliciting opinions on hunter pets (he has a baby hunter there) and I sang the praises of the Dwarven Hunter standby, the Bear. My words were “it’s like having a pocket pally”. Apparently, where poor Jong comes from, Pallys don’t tank very well, as he, alas, didn’t attach the same significance to the statement as I did.

To set the record straight (since I can’t do it over there), this was indeed a compliment. Where I come from, we’ve been blessed with excellent Pally tanks. They’re made out of flypaper and bricks and bitter memories. When our guild’s main raiding pally tank rips off his shirt and hollers IT’S CLOBBERING TIIIIME, BISHES!!! ((This may be a slight exaggeration.)), every mob around knows that the only way out is THROUGH that Dwarven ball of fury and righteous indignation.

So, when I say my bear (a polar bear named “Bumbles”) is like having a pocket pally, I mean that we have some Serious. Honking. Tankage.

So now we’re clear.