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Pieces of Silver

It is not a requirement of Heroic dungeons in WoD, but if you prefer to just teleport in or use LFD rather than run up to the instance entrance as in Days of Yore, then you need to have completed the Proving Grounds at Silver level.

Here, in no useful order, are a few useful bits of information for those of you that haven’t gotten there yet (and I suspect the number of people ahead of me far outnumber the people behind me on this, so let this be considered a gift to my fellow bottom-feeders).

  • Proving Ground Silver is per character and possibly per spec.
  • If you got it at 90, you will need to re-run it at 100.
  • You won’t take any damage. So gear and glyph and talent accordingly.  Glass Cannon Mode is appropriate here.
  • Same for your pet. You want the pet with the highest damage and the highest damage spec you can muster.  AoE abilities are good, too.
  • This is a no-shitter endeavor, so bring your best buff foods and flasks.
  • This is a timed event. By definition, actual DPS is the primary concern, once certain tactical concerns are addressed.

Amber Weavers

  • Amber Weavers project a small globe that follows you.  Any creature they come in contact with (except apparently your pet) will cause it to explode and freeze the creature in place. While the creature is frozen in place, it takes 50% more damage. Ergo it is your goal to kite the globules into the enemy.  This is crucial.
  • Because of kiting, speed is your friend.  Glyph for haste. Enchant Gift of Haste
  • Go with Aspect of the Cheetah during this fight.  You won’t be taking any damage.
  • Between the enchants and gems and Aspect, I found that kiting the Amber globes was trivial.
  • Finally, it should be your goal to bring down all the other mobs before you bring down the Amber Weavers. They are your unwitting allies. Exploit that.


  • Mystics heal other mobs.  If none of the other mobs are taking damage, they heal themselves when they take damage. But, they are largely selfless, so as long as someone else is taking damage, they will heal the others but not themselves.
  • I think you see where we’re going with this.  Some guides recommend interrupting (or in our case, trapping) Mystics and taking down the other mobs first, but then you have to deal with the self-heal.  Instead, use the other mobs as a diversion and burn down the healers.  It works for PvP, it’ll work here.
  • As far as I’m concerned, Mystics are your priority target, but keep a DoT or something up on someone else so that they pop the healjuice somewhere else.


  • Guardians pop a directional shield that looks a lot like the ones that mobs used on the Timeless Isle, but are actually 2000-gazillion% less effective than those. If you have appropriate levels of DPS, these guys are chumps.

Slayers and Varmints

  • These guys are basically training dummies. They have no offensive capability and burn down quickly.

Finding Gara

I haven’t engaged on a good Rare Pet journey since I tamed Gondria all those years ago in Zul’Drak. I made a few half-assed attempts in Firelands and was always looking out for the Flaming Turtle in Hyjal, but I never really tried.  Gara, however, is another matter.  This beastie was put there for nobody but Beast Master Hunters. How could I not?

Gara Of course, since I’m not a mighty theorycrafter, beta baron, or suffering from delusions of adequacy, I relied on this guide, which Tome reminded me about long after I had forgotten it.

Ironically, the most difficult part of this was the newbie area … Frostfire Ridge. WoWHead to the rescue once again, explaining the seemingly single route into that place from friendlier lands. Oddly, once I got in there, it was somewhat easier than Shadowmoon to navigate.

The final battle didn’t even require me to dismiss my pet, so I was able to beat Xan into a pulp, then dismiss my attack!kitty, and tame me up a nice pet.

Catastrophe As you are no doubt aware, I am a deeply abiding fan of InfosecTaylorSwift, so I named my new friend in honor of her most recent videyo character.  Maybe I’ll continue the streak by naming my fire turtle Arsyn.  Whaddya think?

Just because I can’t play doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion

Welp.  Post-moving, we’re still playing catch-up with the bills.  A gigantic phone bill was settled at the expense of cable and internet. It’ll be back on in a couple of weeks, and things should be better from there on out.

mifiStill, I’ve got network of a sort, via a nifty personal hotspot device. And while 4G may be fast enough to play, I fear that would eat up our bandwidth allotment, and I need that for job hunting and snarky blog posts.

Oh, yes, there’s snark, of a huntery sort for once.

This little gem posted on MMO-C provides an exemplary example of hunter tears and forum logic. And Ghostcrawler … well, he answered.  I find there to be snarkable material on both sides of this argument.

I want to be up front about something – I’m not attacking the individual that posted this thing.  I am attacking the common mindset that generates such posts.  It’s a further illustration of how forums disease the mind.

So let’s go.

sarcasmWith the recent 5.3 “adjustment” to stampede ((I “Love” how this guy thinks using quotes makes the word “adjustment” seem “snarky and sarcastic”.)), you have removed any kind of utility from the talent ((What he is referring to is that pets summoned with Stampede no longer auto-cast their special buffs. They only do damage on auto-cast.)). Simulating my character with the “normal” settings (all buffs on, 5 min fight, 93 target, yada yada) I would lose 1229.7 (-0.52%) DPS in Beast Mastery spec and 2077.93 (-0.93%) DPS in Survival spec.

That’s “interesting” ((Ha! I can do that too!)). Choosing to sim in a 5-man configuration?  As a PvE-er concerned with raid encounters (see below, “Silencing Shot”), HONEST results can only be gained from simulating a raid encounter  ((Options / Target Level / Raid Boss.)) . This stinks of chicanery and fitting the data to match a theory or preselected opinion. Meesa no approve.

Either way, Stampede now gives us ZERO utility (micro-managing your pets in order to provide buffs your raid did not have during stampede or giving out minor healing through spirit beasts, etc).

  1. Real hunters micro-manage their pets, period ((Trufax: BigRedKitty, in Cataclysm, actually had a stable of all of the same pet, each specced to a different task, such as tanking, healing, pure DPS. That was before our current brain-dead pet talent “tree” implementation, but it hints at what a true master of the craft was capable of given the options before him.  We miss you, Daniel.)).
  2. Assuming you did bring the spirit beast, I have one word: “macros”.
  3. Regardless of the snark, Spirit Beast is actually simming as a high DPS, so if other buffs are covered, and if you’re BM, look into it.

It is, quite simply, a button we press every five minutes in order to do 0.5-1% more DPS.

A button. Talk about impersonal.

You tell us that you want to deal with hunter’s bars being bloated by too many abilities […]

too many buttonsActually, they didn’t.  We did, and they said, “maybe, maybe not. We think you’re having trouble counting that high.”  Well maybe not that last part.  But it would have been funny as hell.

In point of fact ((I promised my grandmother I’d never use that asinine old phrase.  Now I have to go do penance.)) I think we need fewer buttons, too. But I don’t recall anyone saying they’d do me a solid on that.

[…] – yet you take one of our DPS cd’s, make it pretty much worthless, and call it a day. We don’t even gain anything from making sure we use Stampede during haste buffs anymore, because the pets do not use their specials (energy) attacks anymore. It’s a mindless, and completly unnessecary button.

Fascinating.  Having five pets out at once doing DPS of their own – insta-cast, by the way – is considered a net loss to this bloke.  I’m no min/maxxer, but even I know that part of a DPS increase is better than no DPS increase at all.  It’s math!

1.0 > 0

0.1 > 0


GhostCrawler had a thought on this:

Stampede was never intended to provide utility. It’s a DPS cooldown.

But the thing is, I remember distinctly how the Blizz team (including GC) trumpeted the fact that Stampede would *add* the special abilities from the pets as part of the action’s effect.  In my mind, they should say instead:

We screwed up. We went overboard. Sorry.

so sorryThat’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re wrong and trying to fix it.

But also, this.

You may recall that I have complained in the past that making pets into portable buff machines was a bad idea, something that de-characterized the pet and diminished the Hunter class. Read the above with that in mind, and you begin to see the ultimate trajectory of that change to pets.  In WotLK we chose pets based off which did the greatest damage. In Cata and later, the buffs were the thing.  Then they added the five-slot stable so that we didn’t even have to make hard decisions on which pet we brought to a raid.

It’s a very sad end result, really.

ghostcrawlerAnd here’s the stinger.  Crab Man and his ilk comment over and over again how they want to make it so you choose a pet based on how “cool” it is, how it fits in with your idiom and personality.  Read between the lines and reflect on past changes, and the ultimate outcome may be this: pets will have no special abilities, and all do the same DPS, no matter what.  I hope not, but it’s starting to appear that way.

Moving on.

Silencing Shot

In 5.4, we no longer have an interrupt, unless we go Marksmanship – the “weakest” of all 3 specs, from a PvE point of view. For a hunter in a guild like myself, the choise between BM and Survival is currently a 4% difference, and if there is not something that makes Surv better on a specific encounter (pet dying to AOE dmg is one – I’ll get to it in a moment), […]

Let me stop you right there.

You let your pet die?  And you have the nerve to complain?  Get with the program first!  Your pet is your responsibility.  If the raid’s healer is too busy elsewhere, it’s your job to keep the pet up.  If you can’t heal it, get it out of there. “Micro managing” again.  It’s what leet hunters do.

[…] I will be BM for that increase. Currently, MM is 6% behind survival – a full 10% difference between MM and BM. There’s just no way I’d go MM, even if we needed an interrupt. Taking in any other player would be better, as (and once again, I’ll get to it!) hunters are far from the “top dog” damage wise.

Given what I read, I wonder who IS “top DPS” since so far, every DPS class has had that exact same complaint. What, is it ret pallis and they’re just being quiet about it?

Currently, five of the twelve revealed (out of 14) encounters has interrupts incorporated in them somehow. Is it really fair that hunters will not have an interrupt for this?

You can DPS or you can interrupt.  Pick one.  The role of the Hunter, as BRK once defined it, is to deliver Massive Quantities of Ranged DPS. Period.  You MUST accept that anything else will diminish that.  And a true team member will accept that gladly, if it helps the team out.

brkI remember a vid that I constantly tried to live up to: BRK using Hobbes as a tank on the Moroes fight.  I actually got to try that, and it’s not as easy as it looks.  That’s giving up the DPS in order to be a team player. That’s what it’s about. Not “I must have moar DPS than the other members”.

Back when I was raiding with the Effers, we had a new mage DPS come in to test with us on Dragon Soul. We were on Blackhorn, and still working on getting the strat down – which requires that DPS switch off to alternate targets during the first phase.  For some reason, his assigned targets weren’t dropping, yet his DPS was high. Eventually we figured out it was because he wasn’t handling his targets, and he resented that we insisted that he do so.  Had he not quit the guild because “he just didn’t feel comfortable”, he’d’ve probably been kicked – if not that first night, the following time he failed to pull his weight.

But that’s the thing. They’re not always Patchwerk fights. Sometimes you take the hit.

If you really don’t want to give hunters a silence, atleast give us a PvE interrupt – no silence effect, just an instant interrupt. Spec MM, get the silence? Either way, hunters being the only DPS-class to not have a baseline interrupt is just absurd.

“Just absurd” is not checking up on what other classes have.  Hunters are not alone in this. But guess what? With, say, six DPS and two tanks, you have quite a few interrupts that can be brought to bear. 25-mans even more so.

Ghostcrawler responds.

Silencing Shot is tough. As a talent, it will always get chosen. But hunters don’t need more CC so we don’t want to bake it in.

Somebody will have to explain to me how “[Kil’Jaden’s Cunning] will always get chosen, so it must be nerfed” squares with the above tweet.  Using the same reasoning to get to two different conclusions for two different classes must make more sense when you have a PhD in Oceanography.

Pets – Survivability

From a high end PvE point of view ((“Which is why I simmed five-man, durr!”)), you have to realise that a hunter see his or her pet as a singletarget DoT with a travel time. In some cases, the pet provides a valueable buff for the raiding team.

Speak for yourself.  I can assure you that’s not how “most hunters” see their pets.  Though it might be a convenient way to conceptualize the damage a pet does, to a certain extent, it’s an oversimplification that doesn’t take into account pet management, situational awareness, or hunter skill ((“Micro-managing”, again.  I got a surplus box of those words.)).

This makes it so much more annoying that our “DoT”, as one of the very few, has the ability to die, making us spend precious time ressurecting it. Losing out on the valueable buff at the same time, is a kick in the groin.

Here speaks a bloke that has seemingly never played a DoT class.  I imagine any dedicated DoT class player would gladly exchange a need to “maintain” a DoT rather than constantly refresh one.  Or maybe that’s the same thing. Either way, the proper way to deal with this “traveling DoT” is to heal it, or keep it out of trouble. It’s easier to cast Mend Pet periodically than it is to cast Revive Pet. Hell, if you want to burn focus, macro it.

Pet survivability we can look at, but pets aren’t supposed to be free DPS with no management either.

This time me and the Crab are skoshe. Other classes have to manage their DoTs, and so do we. Our management is just a bit different than others.  It’s a “DoT” that’s maintained by some other spell.  Oh, wait.

If you’re in a scenario with constantly spawning adds, using Beast Cleave as an AOE is sure to get your pet killed, quickly.

You don't say

The AOE-damage it does on mobs is simply IMMENSE, and if the tank does not instantly smash everything in the face, HARD, then the pet will get hit instead. Especially in random dungeons is this a common occurence. We can’t control our pet’s aggro – and frankly, I don’t think we should have to when we’re AOE’ing. Controlling the pets position is enough of a task already.

Pet control is a core feature of being a Hunter. This guy has no grasp on what it is to be a Hunter.  To him, it’s a box. With his epic ego as in input, and epic epeen as a result. I swear to Mammon. This is the difference between leet DPS and leet Hunters.

Blink Strikes now makes our pets instantly blink behind the target if they’re close enough – this is great!

What is NOT great, is the fact that when I say instant, I mean freaking INSTANT. They teleport to the boss, get a 200K special-attack and a melee swing in, all before my first auto shot has even HIT the boss. If I lead in with a Kill Command, you can add another 150-200K threat hit to THAT (which does not get transferred by MD). Simply put, even if I were to misdirect the tank and spam arcane shot for the first 4 seconds of the fight, my pet would STILL jump to the target and hit it quicker than anything could react, and my MD won’t do jack !@#$ to fix it.

I guess nobody remembers the old days when you WAITED FOR THE TANK TO GET AGGRO FIRST AUGH /haet

Oh, wait.


Jaina FacepalmThen here are some tweets

Please don’t buff hunter’s focus dump. PTR + T16 2pc will reduce value of special shots and homogenize specs.

Can you explain why it homogenizes specs?

It MEANS: “I haven’t got time to provide numbers, so I’m just gonna use words.  Geez!”

Seriously, the term generally implies that one spec is indistinguishable from another.  I don’t really see that, though. Each spec has a different “feel” to it – BM being lightest on its feet, MM being a bit more deliberate and ponderous.

This doesn’t really explain how the T16 2-piece will make the three specs operate the same, though.

Does it mean that one spec is better than the other? I suspect just the opposite. I think this guy’s pissed that he can’t find a perfect cookie cutter spec that lets him pwn the meterz. And I suspect that GC would call that Mission Accomplished.

Then there’s this guy, that REALLY gets what Hunter is all about:

Would you ever consider bringing back the arrows/bullets for hunters with an extra quiver just for hunters to store them in?

I love it!  I absolutely HATED managing ammo and quivers, but I LOVE that there’s someone out there saying, “I think it made Hunters more Huntery.” Light bless you, sir, Light bless you!

We’d like to do a quiver just for the visuals. Ammo returning is unlikely. There wasn’t much depth to that system.


I was really gob smacked by this though:

Readiness should do more defensive stuff. Masters call and traps and so forth.

Master’s Call, maybe. Traps were one of the big things we wanted to eliminate.

spit take/wipes off monitor

SAY WHAT??!?!?

I think it’s time to get the Crab off of the Hunter project.  ELIMINATING TRAPS????? That is one of the most … unhuntery … things I can think of.  Traps are a signature attribute of our class.

I swear to the Titans … I will reroll as a Monk ….

that escelated quicklyOkay, let me wrap up.

As you can see, there is intense tension between what it really means to be a Hunter … and what it means to “play the hunter class”, aka just a DPS that happens to be a hunter.

I would like to say that the epeeners and min/maxxers are making vain noises as usual and that the good folks at Blizz are holding the line, but it is patently clear that they are not holding.  The possibility that traps are even being CONSIDERED for elimination indicates that there is something terribly wrong with the designers of our class.  The continued decharacterization of our pets has lead to the mindset that “pets are a DoT”. This is not right.

It is possible, that there is a paradigm shift about to take place.   There were a couple before ((Exchanging mana for focus, making pets more homogenous than before.  And by Homogenous, I mean I have a chart you can suck on if you really wanna see it. NUMBERS, bishes!)), and maybe we’re due another in 6.0 or even earlier.  But what I am hearing is not true to the core of what it means to play a hunter.

Hunters are more than what we bring to a raid. It’s a way of life. Ask a hardcore warlock, you’ll see we’re not alone in this mindset. There is, for lack of a better word, a lifestyle that goes with the class.  That lifestyle will, however, be ejected if you substitute raiding or PvP in place of all else.

It should never be that Warlock = Hunter = Mage = Ranged DPS.  They should not be interchangeable. The whole stated reason for the rework in Cata was to make tweaking the classes easier. So, tweak. Don’t redesign.

We are gamers. We adapt, we overcome. But sometime our patience is tested.

Inconvenient Truths

While I haven’t really been inclined to get my wookie on and swing a lightsaber, I do follow some aspects of STWOR if for no other reason to have some inkling about what people are getting uptight about.  Usually I end up nodding and saying something like "Some things never change."

One recent controversy did raise my eyebrows, though. There was rumblings about enrage timers, but then a more interesting twist emerged: no damage meters, no combat log.  As so many experience DPSers will tell you, this is pretty stupid.  Here’s one now:

So I’ll come down in favor of DPS races and enrage timers, but only if there are combat logs (and the subsequent parsers and DPS meters) so you can actually FIX the problem if you’re not beating the content. The problem generally isn’t with DPS meters themselves, anyway; it’s with the way some players choose to use them to exclude their "inferiors" from participating in content, and the fact that they often broaden the definition of "inferior" well beyond the needs of the content.

If you think I’m shallow enough to link to this to say I-told-you-so, you’d be completely accurate.

The DPS role is dependent on its numbers, whether you take them subjectively or absolutely is irrelevant.  But of the two, an absolute reference is much better than a relative one. Numbers are absolute. You can feed them into spreadsheets, save them off, compare them to each other. You can make multiple passes and chart your progress or lack thereof. Your damage meter is your friend. If you were doing 20K last week on a particular boss, and only 18K this week, you have something to look in to before you’re the cause of an enrage-timer wipe in the future.

Smug mode: engage.

I’m sure Bioware or whoever will address this to everyone’s satisfaction at some point.  I’m not sure if WoW came with a working addon API out of the box, but given how late it was announced for STROW I’d venture that it was an afterthought and still has some work to go.  I’d advise patience, but that’s not particularly the hallmark of your average STWOR player ((i.e. "Blizzard doesn’t add content fast enough" impatient.)). So, good luck with that, I guess.


That’s not actually what this article is about. Well, peripherally, it is, but only in that damage meters and combat logs are involved and it deals with DPS.  Namely, mine.

A couple of patches ago, we got changes to the Beast Master Hunter spec that promised near-parity with other specs. Then the guild got gutted of over half its overall raiding roster and it became more difficult to judge my performance against those of my fellows. Then there were more adjustments in the last patch, including some buffs to both SV and BM. Then we started inviting some people from another guild to raid with us regularly, which included a SV spec hunter.

I saw that BM wasn’t doing that great at all. He was topping the meters, I was bringing up the rear. My best choice at that point was to focus on utility. I’ve had to do this before, many times, as far back as Kara. Hoping that being useful (rather than deadly) would keep me in the rotation.

Or, I could change specs. Give it a go.

Looking at gear and gems and reforges and enchants, I realized I only had to change one enchant – agi to mastery – to optimize my armor for SV.  Stat-wise, there was virtually no difference.  So, I left myself geared for BM and greased into SV mode.

After looking at the meters, after looking at the combat logs, in all respects, my performance improved. On average, a 3K difference in output, and I’m not really used to the rotation yet.

So here we are at the end of the expansion and I’m having deja vu all over again.  Because this is exactly where I ended up as I started crawling the passageways of Icecrown in the final patch of WotLK. Survival.   BM was the red-headed stepchild of the team; people like me ran it if we had to, but otherwise we used one of the other specs because they delivered what our class is expected to: ranged damage, and lots of it.

So that’s the upshot of my weekend: I guess I’m shifting to SV and swapping my BM pets for a stock of SV. Alas. BM is, by far, my favorite hunter spec, because it’s so darned fun. But sometimes you gotta give up some funsies to get that boss down. And that’s a sad thing. Of all the issues about talents and specs, that is the greatest one of all – that one cannot just play the spec that one enjoys the most and still expect to perform the same as others.  Maybe you get lucky and it works out. Maybe you don’t.

In my case, not so much.

Back to Beastmastery, and hard-learned lessons

After my unsuccessful turn at the wheel in MM spec, I elected to return to the spec of my heart, Beastmaster. The first thing I wanted to do after that was to review my pet options. The world-renowned Big Red Kitty has stayed with BM and has deployed a Spirit Beast kitty named – of course – Hobbes, and the two of them pwn the charts righteously.

He proves an important point, without preaching it, that expertise and execution trump spec and gear. So, yeah, I’m in trouble here. 🙂

In my research (and much plinking at the target dummies) I found that my kitty was in fact my best non-exotic DPS option, and that my ghost kitty was my best exotic DPS option.  I was a bit surprised at this. Back in the Wrath days, be complained to Blizz that the Spirit Beast was low in DPS – far lower than the difficult in attaining would indicate. Blizz responded that they didn’t intend the spirit beasts to be serious raid pets. More of a mark of Hunter – and BM – pride.  We didn’t like the answer but at least we had a straight answer ((FOR ONCE.)).

So this puts my surprise in context. Cat is best – not wolf, not stompasaurus, but kitties. And since pets were turned into portable buff machines in 4.0.3, spirit beasts attained more or less the same damage profile as kitties.

As surprises go, this one is one of the more pleasant.

I also ran this lot through Female Dwarf and got confirmation of the concept, if not the raw numbers.

Thus armed, we set foot in the front half of Firelands last night ((Note: my first serious BM experience in Firelands was the weekend before, on the back half of the raid. Since I had never seen those fights before, I can’t draw much in the way of conclusions, other than HOW IS IT THAT I CANNOT AVOID THOSE WAVES.)). The first three are fights I am well acquainted with, so inexperience is less a factor, and I have a comfortable set of reference runs to help me gauge my performance.

So, in the straight DPS fights, I did better than I expected. Even got off the bottom rung of DPS on a few occasions, a pleasant change. On Beth and Rhyolith, though, I think I need to change to SV, and that means bringing something besides just exotic creatures. Getting the right mix in the port-a-stable will be a challenge.

On Beth especially, I felt useless on the spiderlings because my trap cooldowns were much longer than they would be on SV. On SV I could lay down traps at every spawn, with BM I needed to meter out my traps more carefully. Focus regen was also a problem, even with the BM abilities that give you focus gifts.  Poor Alas had her hands full, I’m afraid. We one-shot Beth anyway, but I felt pretty bad about the spiderlings.  Well, next time we’ll do better. Lesson learned.

Rhyolith was a different thing. I was also involved in add control there, but hit no hard failures. However, I think I would have been able to perform better in SV for the multi-target buffs I get. So we’ll give that a try next time.

Overall, however, I’m happy with BM.  I did as well or better on most fights that I did as MM. Which highlights that theory is a fine thing, but execution is equally important. Oh, I may not be able to execute BM as well as BRK, but I do a better job of it than I do at MM. Rather than blame gear or spec or talents, I’ll just go with what I’m better at.

Epilogue: Monkey see, Monkey don’t

Last couple of weeks there was a minor dust-up in-guild over performance in T12 raiding, and part of that bled out into the blogosphere. Zel had her say regarding two-healing at Murloc Parliment, and then Lono had his say over at Screaming Monkeys, and then things got interesting.

The thing that most people didn’t understand was that both are in the same guild, raid together, and generally spar with each other in a light-hearted way. There is mutual respect all around between them, as well as between them and fellow guildies and raiders. Oh, sometimes the humor’s dryer than even I am prepared to follow, but it’s humor nonetheless.

Unfortunately, someone walking in from the outside – say, linked from a widely-read omnibus WoW site – didn’t have this background on the two. And some of the reactions were unfortunate.

The biggest shock, however, were the comments from people that know better. Lono actually had to post something chiding readers about personal attacks, and Zel certainly backed him up on that. It’s not cool, and some of the not-so-cool ones really have outlived their welcome in my eyes. I don’t care how popular they are.

Here are the issues in a nutshell.

  1. On Baleroc, we’re having problems with the enrage timer. We are five-DPSing the event, three-healing, two-tanking. There is a dance, but once you get that down, it’s more or less a DPS race.
  2. The suggestion was made that we try two-healing it, because the one time we DID get him down, was when we two-healed.
  3. Team Heal, that heavily unionized group of healers in our guild, sees this as punishment for doing a good job.  Zel has voiced her objections in guild and I believe she speaks for her union the rest of the healers on this matter, so move along, we’re done here.
  4. Zel also blogged about it because, hey, it’s a good topic and she happened to need one.
  5. In return, Lono posted (IMO) a good-natured rebuttal.

Okay, first of all. Two-healing.

Jasra, Clan Grimmtooth’s resident healer, two-healed all of ICC that we ever saw, except that one fight where you heal the green dragon. So, drawing from her experience, we are no strangers to two-healing from an intimate perspective. And, frankly, it sucks. One healer goes down, you’re going to wipe. Or you’re going to have to carry out triage to determine who lives, who dies, when things get dicey. So from a healer’s perspective, three-healing seems to be a great idea. I prefer knowing the team has no worries about heals.

I’m not saying that Jasra would still be an active raider if we had three-healed, but she’d’ve been a lot further away from the breaking point.

While flexibility is a good thing, and dual specs give us that ability more than ever, I think two-healing this would make it a miserable experience for our healers. And surly healers give surly heals. Penance even has a sharper sting.

So I agree with Zel (sorry, Lono), two-healing to free up a slot for DPS is not a great idea, in this case.

Besides, it ignores the real problem

The real problem was already stated clearly. This is a DPS race. If your DPS isn’t falling over, and the boss enrages, then the DPS just isn’t bringing the pain in sufficient quantities.

Mostly, I’m the problem here.

First, as a hunter, I have range issues. We HAVE to group up tight to control where the crystals spawn, and then I need to scoot back to be able to fire. This eats a bit of time, but hardly enough to make that much of a distance. If I’m charitable it’s 1-2K DPS that it accounts for.

That leaves around 5-6K difference between my performance and where my performance needs to be. I’ve been fighting it for a few weeks, now, even being as desperate as to shift to MM. No matter what, though, I still come in a lot lower than I should.

It’s not gear, either. I first thought it might be, but I’m seeing MM hunters with lesser gear and similar talent specs pull at least 5K more than me on a routine basis.

I’m forced to face the probability that I’ve hit a wall here.  In T11, I was upper bracket DPS for our team, but in T12 I have been bottom of the stack routinely.

So my current task is to figure out what I’m doing wrong and remedy it, if possible (and if it involves a macro attached to the scroll wheel – sorry.).

Et Tu soon, Executus?

The other possibility is that we’re just ahead of the curve a little bit. Shannox and Beth were both difficult at first but as we’ve learned the tricks, we’ve more or less got them to one-or-two-shot status. Obviously, they’re not going to put a boss that so clearly outclasses the rest unless it’s a gating boss (which I believe he is). So maybe we just need to focus on the others for now, get them down, then come back.

This keeps occurring to me but it has the foul taste of excuse-making for myself. Raid leaders can read the strats same as I.

People are too nice

My guildies are a bunch of awesome people that are supportive and encouraging and, for the most part, fairly patient. But maybe there’s times when we have to say, "we can’t take you until you improve."   Certainly, I feel bad that we’re held back on this boss on the raw numbers. But numbers don’t lie. If boss has X health, and you have Y minutes, then you need to bring X/Y/60 DPS total, or X/Y/#DPSers/60 per DPS.  And we’re not there. To say otherwise emphasizes the fantasy element of this game a little too much.

While two-healing may make it easier on the DPS to get the boss down, bringing the *right* DPS is probably a better solution. Barring that, we go off and beat on something a little more beatable.

There are no pushbutton solutions

PvPer wisdom to the contrary, every raid encounter is different, even when it’s the same boss on two different nights.  My situation is a good example of that. I have what are considered all the recommended spec and equipment and gemming and enchanting and reforging steps covered, and yet I’m doing worse, relatively, than I was when I was an undergeared noob in T11 raiding.   I’m going to have to find my own way on this, make it work for me, and unfortunately it takes more time than a leetsauce contingent might like.

Well. Don’t have to invite me.  No reason we both can’t own our mistakes here.

Goddamn Batman The Goddamn (Nerf) Bat Man

In a way the upcoming nerfs make me sad.  I suppose I’m one of those wannabee leetists for wanting to overcome the content through hard work and patience, rather than the hammer (or nerf bat) of God.

On the other hand, Blizz has access to numbers that we don’t. If they say that they don’t feel that progression is where it should be, they may be doing so because that’s the truth. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m going to accuse anyone at Blizz of lying about it. They didn’t, after all, have to say anything other than "making some changes to tune some encounters to more appropriate difficulties".

I’m not going to lament the change. I’d’ve preferred a thing similar to the ICC buffs, so we could tell the crybabys to STFU and turn off the buff, but it is exactly what it is. Either adapt, or find a new hobby.

But, I know many in the guild will feel that the whole thing will be cheapened if we march in there and roflstomp the guy next week.

On the other hand, as Flora and Illume remind me, my old guild, the Vorpal Bunnies, just downed Mags for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and they were absolutely bursting with pride over that. This week, Flora went in with the group and they got Omnitron down to 23% on our second try ever. Even nerfed, satisfaction is there to be had, if you work for it and put in some honest effort. The Bunnies have a lot to be proud of – that was an amazing second try. My second attempt on Omni, we died on the third Tron.

Simply beastly

Here’s an update on the whole Beast Master experiment.

When last I talked about this, I had done all the theory stuff I was going to be able to do, and done as much as I could with target dummies to optimize my rotation and pet selection. This is all a part of my plan.

The Plan looks a lot like this.

  1. Set up talent spec
  2. Re-gem appropriately ((Actually, not doing that yet, just in case I need to revive Survival.))
  3. Re-forge appropriately ((As best can be done around a SV gem constellation.))
  4. Practice rotation on training dummies until stable.
  5. Test different pets for best damage / buff compromise
  6. Try BM in the wild.
  7. Try BM in a party
  8. Try BM in a raid.

So right now I’ve completed step 7, and am suitably impressed at the difference it makes.  This was a Troll Heroic, with guildies, but of course not raid buffed. The difference between Survival and BM using my current gear is on the order of 3-4K DPS. 

Step 8 – raiding – may add another 1-2K.

So, yeah. This is looking very good for single-target fights.

The next question will be, if it looks good in raids, what will it look like when I gem, gear ((There ARE differences in gear between BM and SV.)), and re-forge again to maximize my damage output?

And the final question will be, will my SV build be viable in that situation (aside from gear, which can be swapped out).

The final question is a big one. I want to be able to keep SV viable as an AoE spec for fights like Magmaw and Cho and whatever 4.2 brings with it. If I have to gimp it too badly to maximize BM, I have to decide if I should gimp BM just enough to make a difference for SV.

So, sometime after our next raid, I’ll have enough data to make a solid decision.  Until then, the plan is to keep practicing this spec daily until I am comfortable with all of my shots and cool-downs.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Happy now?

The 4.1 patch is upon us and we have many, many changes to the Hunters’ life. Most of these are reason for great joy and celebration.

The complete removal of the pet happiness system does not qualify for that description in casa de Grimmtooth, however.

No, I’m not being contrary to be contrary. I have long appreciated the little nuances, the "flavor text", if you will, of being a Hunter. The complex and involved pet training regimen. The agonizing decision as to what pet to bring out of the stables. The constant care and affection required to keep your pet happy.

All of these, of course, are gone

Pet training has been revamped, and, at least, is relatively interesting in that you now get a talent tree instead of a list of things to train. Still, for each pet tree there is one, and only one, "correct" talent template (two counting the extra talent points that BM hunters get) – at least according to the usual suspects.

Stables have evolved. Addition of the remote stable started the journey towards thoughtlessness, but the current "five pets in mah pocket" changes for 4.0 pretty much made it a non-issue. Plus, it’s kinda ridiculous.  We’re hunters, not mages.

Now, the pet happiness system has been scrapped. A lot of people have used the mindless rubric, "well, the glyph pretty much made it pointless", but that statement makes a dangerous, and totally invalid, assumption. I never said that I though that the changes to happiness in 4.03 were good. Quite the contrary. I’ve been silent on the topic because I didn’t have anything nice to say.  And I still wouldn’t have said anything except some relatively vocal supporters of the 4.1 changes have continuously trotted out this flimsy excuse. I’ll say it now, loud and clear. I thought it was a bad idea then, and I think it’s a bad idea now. For no other reason than to give Hunters a little bit of flavor, to set the bar at a minimalistic third-grade reading level, and illustrate the difference between a casual huntard, and a real pro huntard.

Obviously, my opinion changes nothing. Our pets went from being meaningful to portable buff machines in 4.0.3. In 4.1, it’s moreso, but now you don’t have to maintain them, either.

I find it interesting that Frostheim’s description of the Hydra family focused on the buff first, is all I’m saying.

In many ways, it seems, hunter pets are lesser than Warlock demons in terms of how interesting they are, now.

And, all due respect to my Warlocky friends, that is an extremely sad state of affairs.

There may come a day soon in which you buy your pet from a store, rather than use the Tame ability. On that day, Hunters and rice cakes will have something in common.


This is a recurring theme in WoW. Things that are moderately difficult, get removed. Remember night? We used to have it. Where’s the weather? Used to be, you had to be level appropriate to fish from specific areas, much less pools. 310% flight speed was earned, not bought. And so forth.

I feel it diminishes us all, in one way or another.  There are obviously people that disagree, and Blizz wants their money.

Oh Snap

This week’s weekly was Lord Jaraxxus. He’s a punk. But those beasts leading up to him … Elune vey! They almost did us in!

We rarely ventured into TotC anyway. I realize, it’s loot. But it was stupid, and it’s hard to get motivated over stupid.  So the number of times we’ve downed Jaraxxus are few.

We also had a hunter amonst us that went OOM. Never learned to use AotV. That’s so sad I don’t even want to use the word “huntard”.

One thing this has given us: a determination to re-run TotC a few more times so we don’t get rusty.  That’s probably a good idea. Those worms are punks, too.

I have a confession to make.

Come in, come in. Have a seat.

:: checks outside door ::

:: closes door and latches it ::

OK, so there’s been much talk in the past over how some people – sad, sad, people – are fixated on total DPS contribution in raids.

I have, in the past, claimed – rightfully so! – that it’s less a matter of your raw DPS as much as how much enjoyment you get from the game.

They have claimed – as they are wont to do – that currently, Marksman is the best of all DPS builds, and that Beast Master was not – oh, hold me down!viable for raiding.

I have claimed – again, rightfully! – that as long as you’re within a certain margin – not so much an absolute number – that it’s all right to take your big dinosaur into ICC to nom nom nom on Arthas.

Now then.

Let me make it plain that in the past, I have dual-specced into Survival, just to test the waters and understand the dynamics between the two specs. By and large, it had better DPS, but not enough to get me all excited. But the point is, I’ve done it, and I’m not going to deny it.

This all by way of saying that … I specced MM. Worse, really. I’ve been raiding as MM!

I know, I’m was as shocked as you were when I found out. But there you have it.

Surprisingly, I’ve done a lot better than I expected to. I’ve gotten past the point where Triumph badges will help, is part of it, but also … MM does deliver some nice numbers.

I’m going to run this a couple more times, then switch back to BM to settle the matter as much as possible. We’ll see how this goes.

Extra ale in the corner. Help yourself. I’ll have one, too.

This confession stuff is serious business.