They existed way back then as allies?


My warlock was bumming around the castle in Stormwind (Classic) and stumbled across this High Elf in the Petitioner’s Chamber.

Wasn’t there this thing about how Highborn / High Elves weren’t a real thing or something like that?

I mean, she could be a blood elf. But that’s even more confusing.

I have two takeaways here.

  • Surprised to find a High Elf (allegedly) in Stormwind
  • Surprised that Blizz didn’t purge her from the system as a kind of alt retcon.

Zero back story on this character, and she’s still around in Retail. Funky factor: 1,000 / 100.

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  1. Nah, there were loads! There’s several high elf lodges full of elf NPCs friendly to the Alliance as well, for example in the Hinterlands and Eastern Plaguelands.


    • The ones in EPL … didn’t they get turned into zombie vampire elves with the release of BC? If so that would explain why I never saw them as I quit the game before hitting that zone, and when I DID get there was after I started playing in BC again.


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