And then one day … I got in


Behold, traveler: Kharanos!

I wasn’t foolish enough to attempt to log in on Classic on Day 1.  Following days, however, I’ve been checking to see if there was a queue. Today, I got lucky and managed to log in on my bebe Hunter.

Some observations:

  • The starter zone is a good facsimile of the original, but it has been nerfed a little bit.  Back in the day, you couldn’t cut right across the starter zone to deliver that beer, you’d get ambushed! That was the entire challenge of the fedex quests.  The zone changed, but the quests did not.
  • You REALLY miss the mapping enhancements we have now in Live.
  • Bebe hunters can still die.
  • That dead zone can diaf.
  • There are a surprising number of addons that work in Classic.

A note about that.  I’m still salty over that LFG addon – again, not planning on using it, but to see Blizz bend the knee to a bunch of gatekeepers that were howling over functionality that was there in Classic all along is a pretty bitter pill to swallow. That’s right, the difference between now and then is that somebody thought of it this time.

And the number of “not in classic” addons out there that NOBODY is whining about is amazing.  TBag and WeakAuras, for example. WA is a game-changer for me.  How long was it before TBag came along? IceHUD, one of my favorites.  Even TSM is trying to make a showing.

Point being, “the classic experience” isn’t the addons.  It’s being level 5 and barely having a silver to your name.  It’s having to look around for the right kind of mobs to kill. It’s hunting around for those toolboxes without the aid of sparklies. It’s no blue highlights over your minimap telling you where your quest is. It’s reading quest text for clues about where to find that elusive   character.  It’s having to pay for training, and coming up short.

I haven’t even tamed my first pet yet, so I have even more to look forward to, but when I do there will be the need to train the pet, the need to find food it likes, the need to care for it or lose it.

I love that shit.

I’ve always been about little details in my games, and these all share that DNA. Little fiddly bits, like training up your defense and weapon skills. It rewards the detail minded, rather than the grandstanders.

I take the victories I can.

At any rate, I’m here. I won’t be playing this so regularly, at least not until my guildies show up (they’re currently engaged in Dragon*Con activities), but I’m still not sold on the whole “classic experience” other than, well, I still, at this moment, like it better than BfA, for reasons that make no sense.

But I won’t be neglecting my little toons, either.  I love a challenge, and Classic is all that.

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