Mount up! On the Subject of Random Mount Addons (pt 5)


This is a multipart post.


Of course there is a spreadsheet

So, after a couple weeks’ evaluation, where are we now?

The addons fall into three categories – Worthy Successors, Livable Substitutes, and Serviceable But Not Desirable.

Overall, I think GupPet is still the best of the bunch, despite its age, but I also think you can do well with BeStride.  LiteMount is very good as well but requires more technical knowledge to be used effectively.  If it were for me, I’d probably pick LiteMount over BeStride, but for most people I’d go the other way.

Each of the mid tier has special features that intrigue, but the top tier truly sets the mark that others must beat.

Tier 1: Any one of which I would enjoy using

  • GupPet
  • BeStride
  • LiteMount

Tier 2: Any one of which would be a decent substute for the Tier 1s, but which have shortcomings.

  • GoGoMount – might be a Tier 1 depending on your personal feelings
  • IntelliMount
  • KuiMount – would fare better if not for the broken config options
  • MountsJournal – key missing feature is class-based abilities.

Tier 3: May be better than a macro, but don’t count on it.

  • Choose Mount
  • Easy Rider
  • gmMounts
  • Mandrill Mount – would have fared better if it lived up to the author’s claims of working with non-shaman classes. Even so, its features are limited in comparison to others.
  • MountMe – key missing feature: profiles.

My biggest takeaway here was the sheer number of addons of this type that were out there.  And out of 12 addons, 7 were excellent.

My weapon of choice remains GupPet (with my mods), but I feel a sense of comfort knowing that I have several potential replacements should it cease to work completely.


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  1. I’m a little late to this party, but thanks for the nice mount addon write-up! I’ll definitely be checking out the LiteMount option. Have you looked at Personal Mount Favorites? It’s pretty simple, but it does have alt-specific settings and some level of ‘smart’ ground/fly/swim options.


    • No, I haven’t looked at that one, Looks like it was created in 8/2018, which would qualify it. I’ve created a list of potential follow-ups with this as the initial entry, because it meets the most basic of qualifications. Without testing it – assuming it operates as advertised – it would be a solid Tier 2 for sure, just missing the class ability overrides to make it into Tier 1. I’m actually fairly easy to please 🙂


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