Xe’ra should learn the meaning of "consent"

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Why so Handsy?

You may have seen the  cinematic that deals with “The Fate of Xe’ra”.  Here’s a link if you want to watch. Note it contains spoilers for the Argus campaign, which you may wish to experience in pristine purity of the pure. In which case, close this article now and come back when you have been pristinely enlightened purely.

We’ll wait until you leave …

Okay, here we go.


In this cinematic, we see Xe’ra try to impose a Fate upon Illidan, and we see Illidan reject that fate categorically.

First of all, grats to Xe’ra for making me actually see Illybeans in a sympathetic light. That’s not easy. He’s an arrogant asshole.

But fact remains, he’s earned everything that he has, good and bad, and he owns it. He’s made his peace. And he has no need of your mandatory happy fun times, XE’RA.

I’ll take “Rings a Bell for 100”, Alex

A while back, I notice that Wrathion’s vision rang a bell for me. At the time, I drew parallels between what we were seeing and the Shadow War in the TV series Babylon 5.

I missed the mark a little bit, drawing parallels between the Vorlons and the Titans.   I should have aimed higher (lower? I don’t remember what the relationship is) for the Naaru. Because here we are … the Naaru, or, at least, Xe’ra, imposing “order” – or “light” – by force.

In Babylon 5, that ended with Captain/President Sheridan kicking the Shadows AND the Vorlons out of the galaxy.

Illidan as voiced by Bruce Boxleitner is now my jam.

He is contending – both here, as well as in the opening cinematic for the patch – that the Light and Prophecy are false leads that do not end in victory.  That only by following our own fate can we break this cycle. “No fate but the one we make”.  Okay, I’m not feeling Illidan as voiced by Sarah Conners. But they seem to be copasetic to each others’ causes.

You can’t impose good over evil – can you?

The underlying thread of both this portion of WoW and B5 is that free will is the ultimate good.  That imposing Order over Chaos or Good over Evil solves nothing, because both come right back after you turn your back. The point is that in order to bring about universal order or good, you have to grow it within whatever cesspool you find to grow it in. And to stretch the metaphor a little further, it’s probable that order and chaos cannot be eliminated completely, only suppressed and controlled.   So does that carry over to good / light vs evil / darkness? There are no absolute parallels without royalty checks in this case, so one can’t completely use B5 as a template for what is going down.

But boy howdy, hard not to, isn’t it?

Blizz has always aspired to an epic overarching story line. The recent Chronicle books have doubled down on this, and the upcoming sure-to-be-old-gods-expansion and current (7.3) lore really do imply heavily that we’re nearing endgame.

Now … J. Michael Strazinski created a fixed, five-season epic with a designated end point. It worked because of this. There was a definite endgame – like it or not.

And so the question resurfaces – do we have an endgame for WoW, and is it approaching? Or will we live long enough to see ourselves become the villain? Or befriend Scrappy Doo?

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