What’s in Your Wallet? – Amulet of Spirits

If you’ve been playing this game a while – and I have – you tend to accumulate some stuff in your bank that people just don’t see any more. Some of it is for quests that don’t exist anymore, some of it for endgame content that nobody bothers even doing any more.  For my own amusement, I’ve decided to torture you with an occasional foray into my junk bin. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane!

Amulet of SpiritsEvery now and then, you receive an item required to complete a quest, then complete the quest, but then, when the quest is done, the item is still in your possession. The Amulet of Spirits is one of those items.

This item was part of a quest in MaraudonThe Pariah’s Instructions.  In this quest, you had to find five Centaur Khans and kill them for a specific jewel they were carrying. The Amulet was used to make them corporeal enough for you to actually attack them, because they were ghosts.

Once you had all five of the jewels, you combined them with the Amulet to create the Amulet of Union, which you then turned in for a tasty trinket, Mark of the Chosen.  This was a big deal at the time, because trinkets in Vanilla were pretty rare, and you rarely had one before level 40 or so. In fact, I think this was my first ever trinket, and had it equipped well into Outland.

Maraudon at the time was a lot more complex and dangerous than it is now. Back then, the areas outside of instances were generally inhabited by wandering elites. Maraudon was in a class of its own, though. There was an entire complex leading up to the entrances to the instance – yes, two entrances – and pretty much all of the mobs roving around were elites. And this is pretty much where the Khans you needed to kill were found.  Two of them were just inside the instance itself, which was a little dicey.

Yes, there were challenges aplenty in Vanilla. Don’t get me started.

The final challenge was turning in the quest. The Centaur Pariah was a wandering mob located in southern Desolace. While stumbling across him to get the quest seemed simple enough, the turn in was kind of interesting because all databases and other help sites kept sending you to the wrong location. He was, in fact, roving the same path as when you original found him. I usually found him hiding behind an old sandstone column (1). But the first time around – and the last time around (because it had been a while) I was going nuts trying to find him.

Long, elaborate, difficult, and rewarding. Excellent Vanilla quest line.

Nowadays … well, the Pariah still wanders southern Desolace, but he hands out neither quest nor reward. The Khans are still wandering around, but they’re no longer elites, and, in fact, Outer Maraudon is just the area outside the real instance now, not dangerous at all. And Desolace is greening, no longer the desolate desert it used to be. And trinkets? It’s raining trinks, my friends, between jewelcrafters, alchemists, and scribes, it’s hard not to find trinkets in your breakfast cereal.

If you have the amulet, you have in your possession a relic of the past which no longer has any purpose, other than nostalgia trips like this.

(1) – Well, I liked to tell myself it was sandstone. Sue me.


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