Art Department, can we talk?

I’ve recently completed my class mount quest, and, well, I need to preface my thoughts a little bit first.

Listen, art department peeps, I know you’re hard working Artists with a Capital A. And I respect what you do.  Going from solid models to 3D models requires a broad skill set.  Creating new sounds for fantastical creatures that don’t even exist is challenging under any circumstances. And you folks in the lead positions, I know for sure that it’s difficult to give good leads to the art and sound peeps and fold it all back together at the end of the development cycle and get it in to the assets people to be merged into the test servers.

I respect the challenges in developing all the pixels we see and use in the game.

Having said all that, I have to observe that somebody actually signed off on this.

Priest Mount

Its a good … whatever, Brant

I can’t even. It’s like somebody mashed an owl and a lion together without a) being told that it was supposed to be a mount or b) knowing what a lion or owl looked like originally. And the sound … the sound the thing makes when you summon it is reminiscent of the Witch King’s mount in Lord of the Rings. There is nothing divine about this creature’s screeching wail. It’s like somebody got the sound files for the Death Knight mount mixed up with the Priest mount files, and everyone’s too embarrassed to admit it. Working as intended, yo.

I hate to sound ungrateful, but, seriously, if they’d posted a note that “the Priest mount will be delayed for a few weeks for additional enhancement”, I would not have objected at all, expecially if I knew what we’d get “on schedule”.

Next up: mage mount.  It’s a fidget spinner, yo.  I can live with that.  It’s like that Pandaria Red Cloud thingy.

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  1. Wow, ok, that screenshot, and the colours alone, something just does not fit. I agree. The head really lacks detail too, I think. Some of those mounts indeed…I really like the Hunter one, so much.

    I have not heard the sound it makes. Does it have a special mount/dismount emote?


    • There doesn’t seem to be an emote for mount/dismount, just the screeching sound. It’s like they mixed things up and gave the Druids the cooing sound it was supposed to make, and gave the priests something they found in the bottom of the DK or Warlock bin.

      On a more positive note, the Mage mount really is a lot better in all ways, and the Manasaber mount you get in the postlogue of the Nighthold raid is awesome. Win some, lose some.

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  2. Ohh, ok I see. Hah yes that does seem mixed up.

    Cool! Yeah, good to remember, win some, lose some indeed 🙂


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