You know they like you by the way they yell at you


The gentleman in the middle is the innkeeper in Jandvik, which is in Suramar, of all places. When you engage him to purchase items, he greets you with such cheerful epithets as “I spit on you!” or “Sniveling pig!”.  And when you’re done, he send you on your way with a jaunty “And don’t come back!” or a simple “Begone!”

I’m sure this is considered the pinnacle of manners in Valarjar society.

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  1. Haha, I read this and had to go see for myself. So rude! But quite hilarious.

    Well despite his rude remarks, he was kind enough and hand over a recipe I needed!

    No wonder he is so mad though, if he is being forced to give away his grandmothers recipe for free to all that pass by.

    Thank you for sharing 😀


  2. Hah, you are going to like the Stormheim Flame Guardian… 😉

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