Very funny.

Okay, who’s  big idea was it to put the giant snow globe right in front of the entrance to the Warlock’s hellish domain?

Screenshot 2016-12-21 22.50.18.png

I detect Ratsel’s fine handiwork, here.  I know those mages.  Always planning some sort of mischief together.

We’ll see who’s laughing when we feast on their souls.

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  1. I was complaining about this to my (unsympathetic) guild the other day. You just can’t maintain the proper awe and respect due to a warlock when you turn into a santa-clad goblin every ten minutes.

    Mage souls though? They’re kind of … well … urk. How about we feed them to the Felpuppies instead and enjoy the subtle richness of a Shaman or Druid soul distilled into fine chaos candy?

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  2. It just depends on how tolerant you are of junk food, I guess. Low on the nutrition side of things, but there’s one on every corner, apparently.


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