Blizzcon Ho! (her: what did you just call me?)

blizzcon banner

The bad news is: I didn’t get Blizzcon tickets.

The good news is: Mrs Grimmtooth did!

The better news: she’s gonna let me tag along!

We’ve never been to this before, so we’re not entirely sure what all is going on. Here is our provisional plan:

  1. Arrive Wednesday
  2. Go to Disney (day)
  3. Go to Blizzcon! (day)
  4. Go to Con Before the Storm (night)
  5. Go to Blizzcon! (day)
  6. Go to Con Before the Storm? (night)
  7. Go home

Also, there will be copious In-n-Out Burger. (I have missed you sooooo much, INOB!)

Not entirely sure about the night schedule.  We are staying at the Doubletree, which is where many of our Twitter friends will be lurking, but beyond that we’re not sure where we’ll be roosting in between cons. I know CBtS will have many of the people I want to meet, such as the staff at WoWHead, BlizzWatch, and TNB (looking at you, Hydra). I’m hearing other of my bloggy friends may be there as well, so I am totally having an anticipatory fanboy moment here.

If you’re going, please let us know where you might be lurking so I can come stalk greet you.

If you’re going to Disney and wanna  herd, let me know as well – I’m a totally noob at Disney, so more experienced hands are welcome (Disclaimer: Mrs Grimm may be driving that effort).

It’s still sinking in right now, but I am becoming progressively more excited as time goes on!


Calvin Hobbes Dance


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