Disco til it Hurts


For the majority of this expansion, I’ve run Shadow for leveling and grinding and otherwise non-raiding, and it’s been okay outside of my inability to keep myself – or my minion – alive if I start taking damage.

Then I started working Tanaan, and it all fell over.

My bodyguard wouldn’t last through a fight if more than one elite was pulled. And if my bodyguard went down, I couldn’t take the mob down fast enough for my health to stay above zero.  I’d die, and the monochrome marathon would ensue.

I’ve been reserving Disco for raiding / grouping, but out of desperation I decided to try it as a levelling / grinding spec.  And I was pleasantly surprised.

I have to qualify this with the observation that I am getting nowhere near Grimm’s 40K/s damage numbers. My output is split between DPS and healing, as SmiteySpec is known for.

The whole thing is contingent on the survival of my new bestie, Illona, who reminds me a lot of my pal Orlee. I’m not really sure how survivable I’d be if I didn’t have my pocket tank.

Jas and Illona

Yep, for the first time ever I’ve found something related to the Garrison that I actually like.

On the other hand, I’m kind of bummed that there are no healer or DPS bodyguards to fill in for other roles out there. Though I have to concede that Delvar is so lousy at tanking, he might as well be  DPS.

At any rate, I’m kind of looking forward to logging in on Jas these days and trolling around Tanaan to farm Apexis crystals.

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