Class Fantasy and Personal Fantasy

Blizzard is redesigning the different player classes with – in their words – emphasis on the “class fantasy”. In many cases this is a very good thing, such as the three Hunter, Priest, and Warlock specs gaining new and interesting differentiation based on the core concept of each spec.

I also maintain a core “character fantasy” for my toons, which has emerged from time to time as a series of “bad RP” stories that I’ve done about their origins, their day to day life, and so forth.

One of the first such stories was in conjunction with the advent of my Death Knight, Faiella. Previous to rolling this DK, I had an experimental Survival Hunter named Faiella, so the headcanon that emerged was that she had been caught up in the Scourge Invasion that preceded WotLK. Her disappearance, and subsequent re-emergence, was the topic of a series of stories that were, by and large my first attempt at storytelling with my own toons on center stage. That’s probably all that needs be said about that.

I started Fai off as Unholy, then shifted to Frost because it seemed to have better mitigation capabilities (this was back when you had to use all your abilities to survive, even if you were just questing or farming). A couple of years back, I shifted her to Blood, just in case I needed to bring a tanky toon along (I had none in my top four toons).

And then this talk about “class fantasy”, and I started thinking in terms of my toons and how they related to the fantasy of their classes.  Grimm, Flora, and Illume are all comfortable in their class fantasies. I had to work harder with Jasra, but I think I’ve found a comfortable place to be.

faiellaa mountedBut something bothered me about Faiella.  After reflecting on her roots, I realized what it was.

A former Survival Hunter that remembered something of her former life would probably not go for Blood spec if a pet spec was available, and Unholy is just that. It makes perfect sense. Sure, it isn’t her old friend Oberon, but it’s a loyal and affectionate – in its own way – companion that will fight at her side.

I don’t have them all mapped out yet, but here’s where my head is now with regard to my characters.

  • Grimmtooth (Hunter) – BM until the day he dies, and I’m liking the way that the beasties are being emphasized in the new spec. I look back on the days when Ghostcrawler basically said they didn’t want the beast to be contributing “too much” DPS.  Now look where we’re headed. DENIED, CRAB!
  • Jasra (Priest) is currently the only actively dual-spec character I have, and it’s largely because I have a hard time choosing between Shadow and Disco.  If the propaganda is to be believed, Disco will be viable as a solo spec in Legion, which means I may be able to keep her in Disco spec permanently. But, guys – Insanity! It’s hard to wave off Shadow.
  • Floramel (Warlock) is Demonology to the core, and the changes that are upcoming make it even more demoney. I like it, and so does she.  I have to be honest, though, it’s really hard to choose between Demon and Aff. Both are so deliciously Warlocky.  But Destro just seems to be more fire-magey than Warlocky.
  • Illume (Mage) is very happy with Frost as a spec, though mostly because the other two specs, um, leave her cold.
  • Faiella (DK) is switching to Unholy because pets, yo.
  • Slithmere (Rogue) has some RP-ish reasons for his new direction. He’s been a Sub rogue since he was rolled, but due to some upsetting developments, he’s in disfavor with the other toons, particularly Illume, and is setting out on a Heroic journey to win them back. That’s right, he’s going Outlaw and will be On A Mission.
  • Orlee (Prot Warrior) the Draenai orphan is still pissed off about that whole Orc thing. While Fury is more appropriate to her temperament, nothing says Warrior like a Sword and Board, so Protection is still in her blood, even if Gladiator spec is gone forever..
  • Amusmoses (Paladin) is very much a soldier of the Light. As such, he can go with either Ret or Prot and be at home, though Healy spec is very much not his idiom. Still, a Paladin without a shield is a sad sight. Probably where Arthas went wrong to begin with.
  • Yarley (Boomkin) is pretty much out to sea on all this. She is more defined by her eternal hatred of all things Horde than anything else. Balance has been her gig just for the massive damage it can produce on one or more creatures at once, but if you showed her how Guardian killed more Horde, she’d switch in a minute. Unchanged for now, but always on the lookout.
  • Wojo (BM Monk), my newest addition, has gone with 2H Brewmaster as her primary spec, just because I love the idea of a little Gnome Monk going all Kung Fu Panda on everyone for yards around. I do feel the 2H staff is very core to the concept, though, so no DW for her.

As you can see, some of the cases made are pretty weak. But it’s what I have to work with at the moment. May your own headcanon yield juicier morsels to chew on.

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