The night before Blizzcon

I almost had a chance to go to Blizzcon on the company dime, but at the last minute the company cracked down on travel expenses, so only the boss went to Atlassian Summit. I know, wrong city. My cunning plan was to go home by way of Burbank somehow and, while not attending Blizzcon itself, I’d hang out outside and stalk all my twitter friends and buy a couple of them a drink. Especially the ones that have blocked me. They’re probably a little uptight and need booze desperately.

I’m not bitter or angry though. As always I shall live viscerally through my friends’ experiences and posting on The Twittahs. So, ya know, if you go, you’re morally compelled to be chatty for unlucky sods like myself.

There are many expectations for this. Moar info on Legion! About a kazillion questions, there! And there’s the Warcraft movie, which we got a teaser for a couple of days ago.

I don’t know about you, but I strained my wrist (not the mouse wrist) watching this one.   I may take Friday afternoon off for replays.

All you attending the con, have the most excellent time together! Alliance or Horde, Carebear or PvPer, Arena or Battlefield, we’re all bound by one common love – the stuff that Blizz puts out there for us to enjoy. Be excellent to each other, and bring back lots of pics!

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