Keeping Score

Well, we’ve gotten the big reveal from Blizzard, and our next expansion is: Legion. This looks like a continuation of WoD. And if I’m honest, I’m pretty much copasetic with what I’ve seen so far.

But enough about them, let’s talk about me. More precisely, my gag predictions from the other day.  I thought it would be funny to measure my success this year with my success two years ago, when I made a genuine effort at it and came up pretty short.

My final score is –2, compared to last time which was a wash at 0.  There’s a huge margin of error here, so so far I’m going to say that I’m right about as much when I’m joking as when I’m actually trying.

Without further ado, I present to you my wall of shame.

My Prediction Actual Announcement Verdict
All Dungeons will be Blackrock Depths! New Dungeons! Didn’t say if they were all BRD, though. Inconclusive. 0
All raids will be Karazhan! New Raids! Didn’t say if they would be Kara, though. Inconclusive, though Kara was seen in the reveal. 1/4 point for topicality. .25
New endgame raid – 4x BRD + 1x Kara They didn’t say. Too soon to tell. 0
New end boss: Khadgar! They didn’t say. Too soon to tell, but I will point out that (a) he was in the trailer and (b) he’s still behaving very oddly. 1/2 point. .5
Raid difficulties simplified They didn’t say Too soon to tell. 0
Dance studio for battle pets They didn’t say Obviously they are doing away with battle pets. -1
Glitch / Techo soundtrack by Daft Punk They didn’t say Wait and see. 0
New race: Mega Orc No new race announced Gonna say I blew that one. -1
New race: Murloc No new race announced Broken Isles was the PERFECT place for that, too! I suck! -1
Varian Wrynn elected new Warchief They didn’t say. I will note that Khadgar (if that’s who he is) didn’t bother notifying Vol’jin. I think that speaks for itself. 1
Anduin Wrunn is King of Stormwind They didn’t say But he was in the throne room, so I’m going to take some credit. .5
Moira’s Coup They didn’t say. Wait until the pre-launch event. 0
Malfurion falls asleep. They didn’t say. But note that there is the Emerald Nightmare raid … gonna say I’m in the right neighborhood here. .5
Velen isn’t Dead They didn’t say. He’s in the Exodar. .5
Jaina + Yrel Detective Agency They didn’t say. But I saw Dalaran floating over the Isles. .25
Fargo is King of Ironforge They didn’t say. Looked sketchy anyway. 0
Orgrimmar is spikier They didn’t say. Org always gets more spikes. .5
The Forsaken have relocated. They didn’t say. Dalaran’s moved, but not sure if that relates. 0
DHETA has set up an outpost. They didn’t say. Pretty sure they’ll like it in the Broken Isles. .5
Tauren / Worgen / Pandarian faction They didn’t say Honestly, that’s a pretty big omission, so I’m taking a hit. -1
New player class: Melee Hunter New player class: Demon Hunter (a) I’m taking half credit since “hunter” is in there. (b) Did you see the Survival Hunter “Artifact” weapon? Pretty sure that counts. 1
Level cap 120 Level cap 110 That was a total cop out on their part. I demand a recount! -1
Talent Tree simplified New PvP “talent tree” I was close. .5
Weapon mechanics simplified. They didn’t say. Guess they shelved that. -1
New Druid form They didn’t say. Might still happen. 0
Crafting mats simplified. They didn’t say. Might still happen. 0
Jewelcrafting deprecated. They didn’t say. Might still happen. Like they’d even announce that. 0
All crafting professions merged. They didn’t say. Might still happen. 0
All gathering professions merged. They didn’t say. Might still happen. 0
Cooking replaced with taco trucks They didn’t say. Pretty obvious something so awesome would have been in the reveal trailer. Maybe next time. -1
Fishing part of archeology. They didn’t say. Probably saving that for 7.1. -1



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