Pieces of Silver

It is not a requirement of Heroic dungeons in WoD, but if you prefer to just teleport in or use LFD rather than run up to the instance entrance as in Days of Yore, then you need to have completed the Proving Grounds at Silver level.

Here, in no useful order, are a few useful bits of information for those of you that haven’t gotten there yet (and I suspect the number of people ahead of me far outnumber the people behind me on this, so let this be considered a gift to my fellow bottom-feeders).

  • Proving Ground Silver is per character and possibly per spec.
  • If you got it at 90, you will need to re-run it at 100.
  • You won’t take any damage. So gear and glyph and talent accordingly.  Glass Cannon Mode is appropriate here.
  • Same for your pet. You want the pet with the highest damage and the highest damage spec you can muster.  AoE abilities are good, too.
  • This is a no-shitter endeavor, so bring your best buff foods and flasks.
  • This is a timed event. By definition, actual DPS is the primary concern, once certain tactical concerns are addressed.

Amber Weavers

  • Amber Weavers project a small globe that follows you.  Any creature they come in contact with (except apparently your pet) will cause it to explode and freeze the creature in place. While the creature is frozen in place, it takes 50% more damage. Ergo it is your goal to kite the globules into the enemy.  This is crucial.
  • Because of kiting, speed is your friend.  Glyph for haste. Enchant Gift of Haste
  • Go with Aspect of the Cheetah during this fight.  You won’t be taking any damage.
  • Between the enchants and gems and Aspect, I found that kiting the Amber globes was trivial.
  • Finally, it should be your goal to bring down all the other mobs before you bring down the Amber Weavers. They are your unwitting allies. Exploit that.


  • Mystics heal other mobs.  If none of the other mobs are taking damage, they heal themselves when they take damage. But, they are largely selfless, so as long as someone else is taking damage, they will heal the others but not themselves.
  • I think you see where we’re going with this.  Some guides recommend interrupting (or in our case, trapping) Mystics and taking down the other mobs first, but then you have to deal with the self-heal.  Instead, use the other mobs as a diversion and burn down the healers.  It works for PvP, it’ll work here.
  • As far as I’m concerned, Mystics are your priority target, but keep a DoT or something up on someone else so that they pop the healjuice somewhere else.


  • Guardians pop a directional shield that looks a lot like the ones that mobs used on the Timeless Isle, but are actually 2000-gazillion% less effective than those. If you have appropriate levels of DPS, these guys are chumps.

Slayers and Varmints

  • These guys are basically training dummies. They have no offensive capability and burn down quickly.

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