On Retirement

As I’m retiring the blog, I hate to leave the various inhabitants of this blog in limbo. Here, then, is the resolution of each thread of their existence, virtually speaking.



Flora eventually retired from adventuring, having never achieved green fire, refusing to run anything but Demon spec. By “retired” we mean, of course, that she took out Milo Oddcog, the leader of the criminal underground in Stormwind, and promptly assumed his station and ran things the way she saw fit – starting with, of course, a huge shift in how the syndicate dealt with young orphaned girls, especially as they achieved womanhood.  She died thirty years afterward from buffalo wings that were so powerful, they projected her soul into the wrong dimension and it was eaten by demons.

Sizing Her Up


Jasra retired from raiding and settled in at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran, where she worked as a barmaid in the day and relished life to the fullest with her lover Amisi Azuregaze and her husband, Arille. While she freely donated healing and services to the Dalaran orphanage, she never healed in anger again.



Faiella finally burned out the rage and pain gifted to her by the Lich King on Icecrown Glacier, fighting the remnants of his forces near the Well of Souls. She died never having betrayed the trust of her family, and that was a gift beyond measure, for her.



It’s complicated.

For many years, he courted Illume, as he was smitten. She rebuffed him, saying she was in love with a man in Gilneas and she would not turn her back on that.  When the Graymane Gate was shattered, he used his resources within the Syndicate to locate said person – who was still alive, though Worgenfied – and hired assassins to end him.

Illume was not without her own resources and, upon discovering this chain of events, had Slithmere put to death in the city square of Gilneas. He did not appreciate the irony that she hired the same assassins that he had earlier.



After settling matters with Slithmere, she seemed to decide that instead of explaining things to the rest of the clan, she would go into exile herself. She was last sighted exploring the ancient libraries of Eldre’Thalas, learning from the masters of the High Elves remaining there, and generally trying to keep a low profile. She rebuffed many attempts at renewed contact from Grimm, Flora, and Jasra, and either died or disappeared in those halls.



Kutath settled with the Dwarven shamani of the Twilight Highlands and married an impressive dwarven lass named Magenta Ironcask, herself a capable student of the elements. He dedicated his spare time to the art of brewing fine ales, and was renowned as far away as Shadowforge for his talents.  When asked why she married him, Magenta claimed that she fell in love with is penchant for drinking songs.



Orlee took up the shield and died on the battlefield in Draenor Renewed, finding more than enough Orcs to sate her lust for revenge.



Amus never left Grimm’s side when he wasn’t off serving as a soldier of the Light. His greatest battle is yet to come.



Yar never gave up trying to save Azeroth from the corruption of the Horde, and died fighting the Horde in Warsong Gulch, trying in vain to save one more tree from their vile axes.



Wojo eventually left Khaz Modan to take up studies with the high Monks of Pandaria. She didn’t return until Gnomeregan was finally retaken.  When  she did, she dedicated her life to bringing harmony to the troubled city, and lived out her days doing just that.



Grimm settled on the outskirts of the Twilight Highlands, as close to Grim Batol as he could manage, and spent most of his time helping with the effort to rehabilitate the city. Mogdug’s curse still prevails, but he has hopes of some day seeing the forge refired and reclaiming his family’s legacy. 

He married, having been proposed to by the Widow Holly Hearthstone on the occasion of his fifth Brewfest in the Highlands. It is said that the two of them made a wedding present to Kutath and Magenta of his grandpappy’s lost ale recipes, but nobody has ever confirmed that they even exist, and nobody’s telling.

Once a year, the remnants of the clan, excepting Illume and Slithmere, gather together at Grimm’s place and toast those that have been lost; those that are absent; and to celebrate those bright days of yore when we gathered together to fight giants, dragons, and legends.

Some say that they speak of doing again, someday.  Some say they already have. But everyone agrees that the land is brighter, the moons shine fairer, the ale is sweeter, and the songs are merrier when the whole clan comes together.

Those were the days of legend, friends. None shall see their likes in Azeroth ever again.


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