On Untold Stories

I have a post ready to go that tells the story of where each of the inhabitants of this blog end up, but some of them are dependent on stories yet untold. To provide a bit of context, I’d like to provide a précis of those untold backstories.  Most of these stories are already written to the greater extent, but I’ve never really been ready to publish them, and now that’s not going to happen at all.

Floramel (Human Warlock)

Flora’s origin story involved her – as a young girl – working for a character I had introduced before, a fellow named Milo Oddcog, the head of the criminal underground in Stormwind, who also happens to be a warlock.

She had been teaching herself the ins and outs of being a warlock using “borrowed” tomes from his office when she fell in with one of his old rivals, who offered to train her more fully in exchange for certain bits of intelligence on his business. 

It all came to a head when Milo brought her along on an exchange between himself and a Dwarf named Grimmtooth. Her erstwhile teacher ambushed Milo, got torched for his troubles, and Grimm got accused of trying to double-cross Milo.  Thinking on her feet, Flora changed the balance of power in the ensuing standoff, in favor of Grimmtooth. 

Which earned her the gratitude of said Dwarf, who put Milo in charge of her Warlock training in exchange for his life.  She became the first of Grimm’s “adoptees” and was instrumental in establishing his estate in Ironforge.

Illume (Human Mage) and Slithmere (Night Elf Rogue)

One cannot discuss the story of Illume without also discussing Slithmere, for, you see, he fell in love with her and attempted many times to woo her.  She rebuffed him, however, being betrothed to someone in Gilneas who she had not yet given up on quite yet.

When the Graymane Gate was shattered, Slithmere used his contacts to locate this person, who he found had become “worgenfied”. He hired assassins to kill this worgen.  Even so, news of his death (minus context) was not sufficient to earn her love.

When she found that he was the one that hired assassins to kill her fiancé Effington, she spurned him, and the clan at large expelled him from the group. He has been on his own, a lone wolf in he darkness, ever since. Nobody knows what his intentions are.

Faiella (Dwarven Death Knight)

We know Faiella’s origin as a Death Knight, but her defining moment has yet to be described.  As she wandered the frozen wastes of Icecrown Glacier, she encountered the ghost of Mathias Lehner, the alleged lost innocence of Arthas Menethil, who brought her face to face with her fear of slaying her family at the command of The Lich King. This has been her greatest fear since her Enlightenment. She lacked conviction that she was not, in fact, a ticking time bomb, and feared that she would, at the worst possible time, slay all those who she loved.

She came to some level of peace with her inner demons during this episode, but remained aloof from her family ever after.

Orlee (Draenai Warrior) and Kutath (Draenai Shaman)

Orlee was originally a priest in Karabor, but when the Orcs invaded and sacked it, her spirit – but not her body – was broken. When she awoke on Azeroth, she eschewed her priestly upbringing and embraced the way of the warrior, claiming that the worlds would never be safe until every damned Orc that ever existed was dead.  She has dedicated her life to this goal, and it has made her perhaps a little less balanced than one would expect from a Draenai. Not that she cares. There’s murdering to be done.

Kutath, her brother, tried as hard as he could to rein her in before she turned her back on her upbringing completely. He does his best to smooth out any conflicts she may cause amongst the group, or Azeroth in general, but otherwise he is fully dedicated to the Shamanistic path, and has become fascinated by the Shamani of the Wildhammer Dwarves.

Yarley (Night Elf Druid)

Yarley’s family was in Warsong when the Orcs invaded, and what she saw has forged her as an extremist Druid; basically, anything the Horde does is viewed through her very narrow point of view of whether it is good for Azeroth or not. With that in mind, she has concluded that pretty much everything the Horde does – including the Tauren – is destroying the planet, and thus she has concluded that the only good Hordie is a dead Hordie, nurturing the earth with their rotting remains.

Wojo (Gnome Monk)

Our newest member has an inherent curiosity that drew her to the Zen philosophy of the Monks of Pandaria. Grimm adopted her when he found her stowing away in his luggage on the way to The Jade Forest, and promised her a place among the Hidden Land if she would apply herself and gain the experience necessary to survive in this new land without an escort. She has been doing so every since, in the land of Khaz Modan.

Her curiosity makes her a lot less prone to judgment, and thus she is the sole member of the clan that maintains contact with Slithmere. Her main point of inquiry: what makes someone like him tick? Was it love alone or something more sinister?  She’s yet to draw conclusions.

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