There’s been quite a bit of – well, “whinging” might not be totally inaccurate, but it might be viewed as some as offensive ((Not intended to be offensive, but A==B, B==C therefore A==C kinda thing. Sorry. Your baggage is your own, please claim it at the point of debarkation.)), so we’ll call it “whinge-like sounding critique” – about the pre-expansion event associated with Wierdos of Draenor ((Or whatever it’s called.)), and that puzzles me. It’s as if they remember other pre-expansion events that I do not. Neither Pre-WotLK nor Pre-Cata were all that big a deal, and were done after a handful of quests, unless you were the kind of jerk that liked to get the zombie curse and grief your own faction ((In which case, go spin on a stick.)).  I’d even say that the Cata event was much shorter.  And maybe I missed the Panda event, but I really don’t remember one. So whatsamatta for u? 

I just don’t get the haters. Well, I do. Haters gotta hate.  If they got nothing to hate, they make something to hate.  So yeah I get it, but I hatin. 


(deep breath)

I do have one issue with the event, and it’s with the way that quest events are indicated in the game.  They’ve moved from a “sparkle” highlight or a “gear” highlight to a “faint outline” highlight that I absolutely hate.  Maybe I’ll get used to it, but right now I can see a LOT of trips to WoWHead in my future as I grapple with hidden items in Draenor.

If I had been ambivalent about the Iron Horde before, this would have changed it.



Us Dwarves have a fairly low threshold of outrage when it come to killing off our booze vendors.

Clearly, somebody’s going to have to pay for this.

/cocks rifle

And I’m comin’ for payment, you bastiges ((Bastiges. It’s a Wildhammer thing.)).

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  1. Just in case you haven’t found the setting yet, it’s possible to turn the quest item sparkle back on. You have to set the outline to Disabled in the Interface > Display options, so you lose the mouseover outlines, too. But that puts everything back to pre-WoD normal.


    • Now that IS a hard choice to make – I like the outlines for characters, but it’s just hard to find for items a lot of times.

      Thanks for the pointer, I’ll definitely give that a look.


  2. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember the pre-MoP event either. There must have been one though? Or not? Hmm… I may have to look into this.

    This one seems okay. If nothing else, it’s giving my alts a chance for some gear 😉


    • Now that you mention it, I don’t remember the hatefest that would have accompanied “no pre expansion event” either. It’s just a blank.


      • So… Not very memorable, I guess? *lol*

        Maybe it was the Theramore scenario and Jaina going a little crazy and wiping Dalaran of Horde?


        • Though, as I say that, I can’t remember if the Dalaran bit actually came later. The Theramore scenario definitely happened before though.


        • I was thinking that the Theramore scenario was pre-cataclysm, not Pandaria. I really can’t recall at this point how long it’s been.

          The Purge of Dalaran was part of the Divine Bell storyline, whenever that happened. 5.3? 5.1? But you’re right, it came later.


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