Undermine Journal is closing down–here’s how to get over it

Today we learned that The Undermine Journal is closing shop. at the end of July.  The first thing you should know is this.


Yes, The Undermine Journal plus its excellent site-specific addon are excellent tools when used with addons such as, say, TradeskillMaster.  And thus, yes, if you rely on this combination to drive your pricing needs, you’re totally screwed.

But maybe not. There are alternatives.

Alternative: suffer

You can just call it quits.  Frankly, Clan Grimmtooth is close to 2 Mil gold at this point, and I can’t see that we’ll go wanting ever again, even if I closed my final auction and vendor’d over 600 glyphs tomorrow.  But maybe you’re not that fortunate. Maybe you had a more aggressive, less successful sales strategy than myself. Maybe you’re still hungry.

Alternative: Manual Scans

You know, it takes me around an hour every day to clear my current auctions and repost them, collect de moniez, and send work orders to Illume for glyphs. I really don’t need to spend another hour idling on the AH using Auctioneer or Auctionator or whatever to scan the auction house for an hour.  I really don’t need that. But maybe you have the kind of job where you can log in via VPN and do so.  Lucky you. 

The rest of us are less fortunate.  However, using these tools to do an AH scan once a day is at least SOMETHING. I rarely update my TUJ-realm data more than once a day, for example. So, while onerous, using one of the classic AH addons to do the scanning is at least effective, if not pleasant.

Alternative: WoWuction

WoWuction.com ((Yes, that’s the way that is spelled. Not a typo.)) is similar to TUJ but does not offer the convenience of the realm-specific addon for pricing information. What it DOES offer is a dataset that can be imported by TradeSkillMaster directly.  You will need to install the TSM Desktop app, have a TSM account (and a TSM app key derived thereof), but otherwise it’s not a lot different than what I already do with updating the TUJ realm-specific addon once a day before logging in.

There is the small matter of having to adjust your TSM auction settings to work with the new dataset, but that’s a one-time thing and after that, it’s back to making fat staxx.

Hope for the Best

As you may have read on TUJ, their fate is not entirely set in stone. They may find new hosting. They may be bought out and continue under new management. They may find some way to keep going.  The announcement is full of little trap doors that form escape clauses “just in case”.

I am not so much into this philosophy. I’d rather have a backup plan in place, ready to go, or maybe relegate TUJ to backup status and go full pelt into the unknown.

We have a couple of weeks, at least, to figure this out.


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