Slight change in policy

Along with the change to how we’re stocking the blogroll around here, I’m also making a change in what goes into the blogroll.  This requires a slight peek behind the curtain to see the machinery.

Prior to this change, I had five reading folders for WoW. WoW blogs, Inactive WoW blogs, 404’d WoW blogs, WoW bloggers that had moved on, and private WoW blogs.  I shared the first four in the blogroll, but not the latter.

Within that latter folder went the blogs that insisted on running gold ads, video ads, or in some other way offended my sense of propriety where bogging etiquette is concerned.

Rather than continue to police this sort of thing, I’m restoring these sites to visibility in the blogroll, though most of them will end up at the bottom of the page anyway. If you, dear reader, do see something offensive on one of those blogs that I don’t catch, please do drop me a line. I can always flip the "private" flag if they’re really offensive (i.e. porn ads, gold seller ads, etc).

A brief note to bloggers that run ads

You need to take personal responsibility for what appears on your site. I’ve been told by one popular blogger that he couldn’t POSSIBLY police the vast number of ads that are served on his site.  Problem with that is: it’s always the same three gold sellers. You can review three ads, can’t you?

Please don’t use unwillingness to review as an excuse.  It’s your blog, and ultimately you are responsible. Plenty of sites serve up ads without resorting to gold or video ads. Maybe you should get advice from them.

For sites that run unoffensive ads, I always turn off the ad blocker. 


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