Long overdue update

So, back in August I posted a little piece about the latest addition to casa de Grimmtooth, a little kitten that we named Jaina, who had been diagnosed with a deadly disease and yet persisted in living la vida loca long past the projected, um, deadline.  Here’s a little update.

We’ve had her to our regular vet to be spayed, and there was no evidence of FIP from the vet.  Still, we worried.  She still has a rather chunky bod, and she was so active that I just didn’t think it was due to overeating.  So I kept researching.

One day I found this looking back at me.


Jaina vs iPadIt was as if I was looking at a picture of our little lady, but it wasn’t a Tonkinese – it was a Birman.  As I read up on the Birman breed, I mentally checked off all the boxes but one – the little gloves that a Birman is supposed to have, but Jaina does not.

The most important trait from my perspective is the body shape.  While tonks tend to be slender, Birmans are not.  They have what is described largely as "a square body shape."   Another was the voice. She has a sweet, mellow voice, not a brassy Siamese twang, which Tonks are said to have.

Gravity winsSo what gives me hope is that Jaina is actually a Birman cross, not a Tonk cross, and her size and shape is perfectly normal for a cat of her lineage.

She continues to be healthy and active and keeps us on our toes. She’s also developing a more affectionate demeanor as she matures. When she wants attention she still goes and gets her favorite toy and starts to sing.  She loves the long hallway in he new place and will spend a lot of time zooming up and down it, often behind some unfortunate other cat that was just ambushed.

So, we’re feeling very hopeful. 

Oh, one correction from the original post – I’m calling it Fire with Arcane offspec, not the other way around.


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  1. D’awwwwwwwww. Look at that belly. Please pet her for me. Glad she’s still doing good.


    • That belly’s like a bear trap – lined with lots of pointy things. πŸ™‚

      NOT that we don’t try!

      That’s actually one of her favorite sleeping positions, especially in sunbeams. We have a Maine Coon cat that likes to sleep on her back as well. Sooo cute!


  2. Imraith Dos Santos

    YAY!!! So glad to hear Jaina is doing well – may she live long and prosper! (and Kittybelly has long been known to be treacherous terrain at our house also)


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