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While we were offline, events that affect us all took place.  Our guild managed to get its first T14 ((That is not a typo, we’re not exactly pushign the envelope – or at least not THAT side of it.)) boss down, without Jasra’s healing touch. The question came up, did they want her back, or a DPS?  I was told, get Flora moving.

So move I shall.

‘Undergeared’ is not exactly the most descriptive term I’d use. I still have several greens.  ‘Undergeared’ doesn’t seem to be a strong enough term!  Dutifully, I drafted a gear plan, and it was unsettling.

Part of the reason for this is the addition of several flavors of random-enchant epics for completing daily heroic scenarios; there is also a random-enchant quest reward from the Darkspear Rebellion. Both of those usually outstrip top-end T15 gear.

So, the Rebellion appears to be the place to be, but there’s a problem – the main quest is a weekly, so once you’ve gotten your 150 bits of various mats, and turned them in, all that’s left is additional collection.  It’s rather daunting, the massive and tedious grind that the next few weeks seem to have in store.  I’ve bitched about dailies, but this seems to be something designed to convince us that dailies aren’t really so bad, after all.

The other half of this is getting my rotation down; Demonology is just plain odd, with the Demonic Fury resource system. Still, I’ve done my homework, and I have something that’s at least passable, even if I have to look down at the keyboard from time to time.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank the Light for WeakAuras and/or PowerAuras.

While Thunder Isle appears to be outgeared by the Rebellion, now, I still have some work there; the Green Fire quest is triggered by a book that drops over there, of all places, so I need to grind dailies there until I get that, at least.

It’s funny how much content is completely irrelevant, though. Sure, there are upgrades to be had from Shieldwall and Thunder Isle, but why waste time there when the biggest payoff is to be found in Northern Barrens?  The irony of WoW is that 95% of its content is irrelevant to a raider.

Still, it’s fun to fly the Warlock flag once again. Even if I derp it like a noob.


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  1. You only need to kill the rares. They have the highest chance to drop the book. I’ve had 9 books drop for me total (every warlock in the guild has one now!). Since most people won’t be there doing their dailies it should be pretty easy for you to cycle through and kill the rares.

    You _could_ do the dailies, but you do get a guaranteed 15 VP for each rare killed. 😀


    • I’m not sure I can farm rares without the organizing element of dailies to wrap it around. There’s not even herbs to farm, so my fallback of letting Routes guide me is kinda messed up as well.

      Still, that’s a good suggestion and I’ll see if I can work that. Thanks!


      • The dailies help with the rares, but they are in a pretty good route.

        I’m horde so I start with the guy on the beach behind the dino area, then start making my way to the Shado Pan cave (don’t go in) and hit up the turtle just after it.

        The next stop is the sourak area. There are 3 rares there. I like to hit up the dude in the cave that drops the dagger (near the boneshaper guy) then walk across the water to hit up the sentry guy. Then I jump over the filth pit up to the guy on top of the mountain.

        After that I head over to the troll area and go to the beach for the rare with the pet.

        Once he dies I climb up the tower to Mumta the mogu.

        Those are all of the original rares. I then go up to the “newer” section and hit up the giant troll dude on the steps leading to the docks. The next guy has two spawning spots: on the bridge over the troll guy and inside the room with the platforms you have to jump on. I knock him out next then head over to the mine.

        There are two in the mine area. The first one is near the smithing area and the other is in the back of the mine on the top level. I like to pull him outside to the ledge so I don’t have to deal with extra mobs spawning.

        Once he is dead you can either jump down and run across the water or go back through the mines.

        If all the rares are up, I can cycle through and get them all in about an hour. There are 11 rares that each drop a book worth 15 VP that equals 165 VP on top of the VP for the dailies if you choose to do them.


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