Who’s house are you haunting?

((I can’t explain it; OK Go just makes me happy.))

Astute readers will have noticed a distinct lack of activity here in the past few weeks.  The answer is simple: network access is minimal at best. Grimmtooth Actual is in the process of moving to new digs … network’s on at the new place, but our FIOS contract at the current apartment is up, so what access there is, is via the cell phone hotspot, which is not all that useful for WoW-ing.  Four to six weeks, we’ll be back in the groove again.

Life marches on. Eff the Ineffable has been stalled on the first tier of raiding; a solid block of people don’t have the patience to let us get execution down on, say, Elegon and thus have simply stopped showing up.   I Joined Eff the Ineffable because a bunch of my friends where there. They moved on, and I stayed for the raiding. Now that that’s not happening, I’ve decided to move on to a new server somewhere to hang with some friends again ((GM has been notified, via Twitter, or at least I hope she got the DM, otherwise this is a rude surprise for which I apologize in advance.)). We might raid, too, but maybe that’s not so important to me anymore.  More on that when it happens.

Jasra’s guild, the Vorpal Bunnies, managed to down their first boss shortly after I went offline. This seems to be a trend; I don’t show, and good things happen :)  Given that they seem to have a decent healing team going now, I’ve asked if I need to dust off Flora or keep Jas geared. Hard to say where that’s going to go.  I’m flexible, at any rate.

Prior to the enforced downtime, I was asking myself if I was ready to leave the game; the 5.2 content is frankly a downer, with the focus of dailies in place of new content, and the probability that we’ll see the same in future. However, this extended hiatus has not in any way diminished my desire to play, "World of Dailycraft" or not.  Truth is, jaded, cynical, or not, I still find plenty of reasons to enjoy the game, and hundreds of things still to do.  So, we’ll be back.

See you then.


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  1. It was 4.2 (Molten Front) that turned me off from Warcraft for what has been the last time. Same reason – too many dailies and raiding had stalled out. It became a chore that lacked any tangible reward.


    • The stalled raiding doesn’t so much turn me off the game. The avalanche of dailies … that’s another thing. I haven’t snapped yet. I think I can weather the wait for one more expansion before that turns me off. But it’s a close thing.


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