A Dark and Hungry Guild Arises

It has been months – months! – well, since, like July – since we’ve raided in anger.  No tasty new treats to loot or DE, no goodies to keep even the most discerning loot whores sated. Nada. Bupkis.

Week before last, we had possibly the worst combination of Stone Guard evar, and while we got it down into the 20s or 30s, we never really clicked.  The chains, especially, are horrible, and it’s even worse when you’re chained to a hyperactive druidkitty. Move. Keep up. Because she doesn’t care if you keep up or not.  Honestly, I have no idea how others manage to do that, but they often make it look easy, while I feel like I’ve stumbled into one of those secret levels in Descent. AAAAH I AM NOT PREPARED.

When the raid leader says "DPS needs to do 50K DPS each for us to make the timer" and you’re thinking "I just barely made 40K in all BIS gear in DS!", yeah, there are concerns.  And without our two DPS divas around, we had to make up for it in some way.

I guess the old saying about age and treachery overcoming youth and vigor has a kernel of truth in it. For I’m pretty sure we fell short, individually and collectively, of the DPS goal, but somehow we managed to down the Stone Council early in the evening.  Brain’s fuzzy – might have been a one-shot, but I seem to think we wiped the first time. Still, not bad.   And I got a nice shiny chest piece out of it. Hunter loot: achieved.  After seeing almost nothing but plate in every heroic I’ve done, that’s a nice treat.

Feng’s the next fight, and I’m convinced that we would’ve taken him down this weekend except we didn’t have enough signups to go in on the 2nd night. We got him down into the teens a couple of times. Most of our wipes were due to learning the new abilities and strats. We may not have downed him, but I doubt anyone walked away feeling we didn’t do well.

Eff the Ineffable isn’t cutting edge by any stretch, but we’re progressing nicely on current content, and that’s not a bad thing for a more or less casual weekend warrior kind of guild.   Everyone involved should feel pretty darned good about it.

I’m desperately trying to put together a gear plan, but time just doesn’t seem to appear. And Mondays I’m usually pretty useless if there’s anything new from the Top Gear guys.

An aside: what the heck happened to Mr. Robot? All of a sudden his reforge recommendations are frittering away all of my +hit and +exp well short of the cap. And all haste all the time?  I don’t know if other classes were affected or not, but for BM hunters, things are pretty weird ((Yes, I saw the note about the hit cap toggle. I checked it. Makes no difference.)).


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