The Night After

As can be expected of mere mortals, we didn’t get Stone Guard down last night, but we made steady progress to a point, with constant improvement in duration, damage, and survival.

The fight poses many challenges. 

  • The tanks have to get REALLY good at coordination in order to swap statues around.
  • DPS has to stay out of the bad and still be able to quickly switch to the appropriate statues.
  • Ranged DPS has to keep within range of a healer or two.
  • Melee DPS is constantly on the move as the statues get swapped.
  • Situational awareness is a big deal. It’s nice that the RL calls out which statue is up and what you can do about it, but we need to be doing that ourselves so that he can focus on calling swaps.

There are also a few class / spec challenges for myself:

  • Having a pet with an AoE or cleave will help since the boss is a shared health pool, and damaging more than one of the statues will kill it faster ((Note to Blizz. Having a "Pet ability" key like Warlocks do would be super-helpful for pets like the exotic Worm pet with its AoE attack.  Just sayin’.)).
  • If you have Glaive Toss ((I find the name and the spell totally inappropriate since Hunters now have no melee weapons to throw, but the instant execution is ideal for heavy movement fights.)) as your level 90 talent, positioning is important as well as which statue you’re DPSing, otherwise the glaives’ path doesn’t pass through both statues.  In other words, every time the statues are shifted between the tanks, you’re going to have to reposition.
  • The removal of the movement restriction on Cobra Shot can’t come soon enough.
  • If you get chained to a feral Druid, do yourself a favor and just go stand in a big purple pool and die now. Those DPS Kitties bounce around like furry superballs fueled on amphetamines and Red Bull.   You just end up running around a lot, doing no DPS, and wishing that Concussive Shot could be used on friendlies.

My DPS output wasn’t … horrible … for Heroic Morchock.  But estimates show we need 50K DPS out of all bodies, and I wasn’t achieving that. Few people were, and nobody was consistently.  But in a way that’s okay since we’ve never hit the enrage timer yet.

Our biggest challenge? Not murdering each other with the damned chains. I think I’ve mentioned my biggest challenge there.  Second biggest challenge is reading your partner’s mind and not running LEFT when he goes RIGHT after a pool appears under your feets.

While some bemoan that our first raid boss is a Council-style fight, I’m more inclined to view it as a challenge to overcome. When you get these fights down, they’re all kinds of fun, for the most part. And the only reason Magmaw was the first boss in BWD is that nobody wanted to take on Omnomnomnomitron – a council fight – as the first boss –  but we had that option. This is a decent gating boss – if you’re not ready, you won’t make it.

A lot of mumbling about gear.  I’m less inclined to blame my gear for my performance, but this week’s gearing adventures provided that it can indeed make a difference. Fair enough be this, say I.  While the temptation to rush into LFR is strong, I’m going to take some time this week and develop a gear plan to map out what goodies are where. I still have to get Jas up to speed, but MWF I can dedicate to the cause of getting geared, for a while.


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