A modest item comparison tool

I’ve often used WoWHead and other similar sites to compare stats on items as I gather them, but most if not all have a couple of flaws.

  1. They often don’t include all viable stats, just the major ones, in their comparisons – or at least not that I can see.
  2. It’s usually impossible to compare 2H to DW or 1H+OH ratings; for example, a staff compared to a wand and an orb. But that’s what you need to know when comparing staves to wands and so forth.

I started working on a solution to the latter and ended up creating a full blown worksheet for item comparison.

Coincidentally, Rating Buster is losing its mind, so this is somewhat timely.

Rating BasherWhat it does and how to use it

  • In the blue box on the right of the sheet, select your toon’s class + spec.
  • In the left hand column entitled Equipped / MH, put the stats for the item you are currently using.
    • For any stat that doesn’t have a weighting value (Column I), you don’t need to populate it, because it will not count.
  • In the column entitled Of Interest / MH put the stats for the item you are considering.
  • If you’re comparing dual-wield stats or MH + OH stats, you’ll want to fill in the offhand value as well, especially if comparing 2H (say, a staff) against a one-hand with offhand (say, wand + orb).
  • If any of the items have gem slots and/or bonus stats, you will need to populate the bonuscolumn appropriately.
    • No, I haven’t pre-loaded those with common values for gems and other bonuses. Read your tooltips.
  • In the little yellow box at the lower right, you will be informed if it’s an upgrade or not.

I realize this isn’t optimal like WoWHead or something like that, but it’s better than a lot of the available tools right now, and it does things I like that they don’t, or they do something silly like say that a wand by itself is an upgrade over a staff, even though the wand + orb combo doesn’t even come close to the same stats when put together ((Yes, looking at you again, Rating Buster.)).

This worksheet is protected against modification; you will have to make your own copy to use, since this is an interactive device.  If you don’t have a google account – which is all you really need – why not? Drop me an email and I’ll float you an invite.

I still haven’t figured out a way to mass-import the stat weights yet (right now I’m doing like everybody else and looking at Mr. Robot).  What this means is that until I do, I’ll just be doing one major update per patch unless I see reason to do otherwise.

The version number will reflect the patch level that the gizmo coincides with. As you can see, right now we’re still not up with 5.0.5.  In a couple of days, Light willing.

Technical Notes

You can add specs to this yourself.  You will need to add the name of the spec to the list entitled “Specs” which is on the “Classes” tab, and you will need to come up with a little mnemonic for it.  For example, “Rogue, Assassination” becomes “RoA”. Then you will need to create a spec weight table as a named list, this time with the name being the mnemonic.  You will find all these on the “Weights” tab, but there is nothing that says it has to be. In fact, if you create your own tab for your own stuff, you won’t have to worry about it getting overwritten whenever the main sheet is updated.

In summary:

  1. Create a name for your spec and insert it into the “Specs” named list.
  2. Create a mnemonic for that spec and include it on the same sheet, next to your spec’s name (row B).
  3. Create a named list and name it after your mnemonic. Populate it with the stat weights you want, in the same order as seen on the “Weights” tab.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

If all of that made no sense to you, custom weights are not something you should attempt. WoWHead or Rawr is probably your best bet.

Hope you enjoy using this tool! And if not, I’ll refund your complete purchase price provided it is purchased directly through the Grimmlabs Swag and Incidental Crap store.


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