Nice try, but I’ll pass

WoW Insider’s addon columnist recently posted about a bag addon that intrigued me – AdiBags. What interested me was how it stashed things based on what they were, and had many ways of doing this, so many needs could be met.

AdiBags (showing bag interface)While my old standby, Shefki’s TBag, was still working just fine, it had one annoying lack: I could not get it to sort items by level. Some of the alts have huge piles of equipment stored up against future leveling and it’s always a chore to pick out the right ones when they achieve a new level.

Adibags not only sorted items in descending order by level, but it broke them up by type as well.

Having seen this, I went to give this new toy a run for a couple of weeks.  And it went well, until tonight.

Tonight, I needed to find something, and realized that AdiBags did not support the crucial feature of searching all your alts on a server for items.  As you have no doubt guessed, TBag supports this, and more.  It’ll let you look at your bank (non-interactively) from anywhere. It’ll let you look at somebody else’s bags (your alts, that is) as well as their banks.  It’ll search them and highlight what it finds, and dump a report into the chat pane.

AdiBags' filtering optionsTurns out, there are five things that TBag lacks compared to AdiBags:

  • It doesn’t label the categories
  • It doesn’t have as many useful categories
  • It does not collapse multiple stacks down to one slot (including empty slots)
  • It is not as easy to change out bags.
  • It doesn’t seem to support filtering by category

AdiBags’ deficits are:

  • It does not allow for comprehensive search across alts
  • TBag viewing bank contents remotelyIt does not allow you to view alts’ bags and banks
  • The bottom bar is a little busy (but nice attempt)
  • The overall view is sometimes difficult to get your head around.

Those last two are subjective, I realize and fully cop to.

Tbag search featureAt the end of the day, the lack of search is pretty hard to get around once you need it. On the other hand, there is little missing in TBag that I cannot live without.  If I absolutely must have the sorting feature, I’ll just turn it on when I need it.  Easy enough to do.

Both of these tools are outstanding, both are currently supported, both are good to go with MoP on the horizon. I have my preferences, but I really don’t see much of a downside to either.


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  1. OK, so is it bad of me to keep laughing that someone named an addon Tbag? I have never tried using a bag addon but after reading your review of them both… I’m still not sure I would ever try a bag add on /grin


  2. /picks up Grimm discarded addons for future…. use….

    /resume stalking


  3. BagSync is a small addon that will tell you if your alts have a given item, either in their bag, bank or guild bank. I use it along with AdiBags.

    quote from curse :
    This addon tracks the items on your characters and displays the information in item tooltips. It will record items that are either equipped or put within your bank, bags, guild bank, void bank, auction house, mailbox and tokens/currency. You can also search for items in the BagSync database by using the built in search window


    • Altaholic (sp?) also does this. Considering the embarrassing number of addons that I have now (some which already do the same thing!), it’s nice to know I can ratchet the count down by one. I’ll be no worse off in memory, I’m sure.

      (note to self: bag addon reviews … nail that memory thing down)

      Still, there are options.


      • I’m late to the party but I shall comment anyway.

        I second Bagsync! For a long time I felt tied to Tbag because I couldn’t find any other bag addon that could keep track of even stuff in the mailbox (this is a big thing for me with my many many mailbox items).

        Only last year did I discover Bagsync. Not only does it keep track of inventory, bank, and mailbox items, it also keeps track of guild bank items! And auction house items! That’s pretty awesome.


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