An Act of Mog

When Navi came over to say hi, I was working on my transmog "set", if "set" it be. I had replaced the shoulder pieces, but the rest of my outfit was all Tier-thirteeny. It wasn’t pretty, but I did appreciate having the ability to look to the right and left once again. Those T13 shoulders should really come with mirrors or something.

My snark on the T13 shoulders is indicative of what I think about Hunter armor appearance in general.   I don’t even GET the concept of mail-wearing Hunters. Forest leathers are a much more appropriate outfit for us outdoorsy types, but game mechanics (i.e. Mail Specialization) require mail, and you can’t mog mail to look like leather. It might confuse the PvPers ((Onoz!)).

Well, a couple of weeks after Navi’s visit, after much Lore-mastering, I’ve assembled what is almost the final product ((Ignore the staff. I forgot to unholster the thing before snapping. And staves are irrelevant to Hunters after Tuesday.)).


Deadly Bio-optic Killshades are crafted ((Engineering pride, yo!)). Tablet-Bearer’s Pauldrons, Far-a-day Mesh, Fastfuse Gloves, and Bael’dun Chain Leggings all seem to come from a coherent set. I would have loved for this "set" to come in a jade-green theme ((WTB armor dyes.)), as that would seem more natural for Hunters. But the overall theme here is simplicity of design. No fiddly bits, curly-cues, flying buttresses, flashing lights, glaring eyeballs, or other ridiculous crap ((Sorry, Blizz, I know your artists have feelings. But a certain segment of your players can’t get past the complete and utter impracticality, garishness, busy-ness, and plain old ugly that some of the sets out there represent, and Hunter gear especially. We’ll talk when they start making armor they’d be willing to wear on a bus on the way to work. Meanwhile I submit that a recolor of old armor sets is not art, it is what we should be doing with armor dyes, and a potential for payroll reductions, if you ask me.)).

Paxton’s Belt and the Talonrend Stompers contrast the blue-silver theme for a couple of reasons. First of all, belts and boots are generally made of leather. Second of all, even though they’re mail, they look like nice, sensible leather accessories.  Third of all, although there are boots that match the armor, I’d run the risk of looking like this:

Blue Power Ranger

Um, no thanks.

The final piece is the gun.


The Tribute Gun was my second choice. My first choice was the Flawless Arcanite Rifle, which has a scope as part of the model ((How odd that they’d have two different models otherwise.)).  The Arcanite rifle is also an engineering crafted item, but the schematic only drops from one particular mob, and apparently nobody’s seen that drop since they were downgraded about ten levels in Cata.

I asked a kind GM about this – Trelladon, who also offered conciliatory waffles – if it had been dropped from the game, and s/he indicated that there is a bug report in about this very thing, so at the moment there just isn’t any clear idea in Customer Support if the schematic is supposed to drop or not. 

Well, once the black market is live, maybe one or the other will drop.  But for now, this will have to do.

The main thing that drew me was the feathers.  I know it’s silly, but that’s such a Wildhammer-ish thing.

So there you go. My look, going into MoP, unless they come out with something new in MoP that I like the looks of better ((Figure the odds. Oh, look, moar fiddley bits!)).

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  1. I’m a big fan of that armor set (the chest/shoulders/legs) for the same reasons as you listed. Clean, trim, but still sharp looking. Not everyone wants giant skulls and horns and spikes! It looks to be a nice, functional uniform. Nice mog!


  2. I know exactly the feeling. I went for plain-looking green/brown items on my hunter (Problem on EU-Silvermoon, if you’re curious), because that way the set actually looks like something a hunter would be fighting in, as opposed to “I decided to superglue some of the stuff I killed to my clothes, because it looks cool”. The amount of “WTF why would you mog into that” comments I get is ridiculous, but pfft. Nothing wrong with plain.

    I need to go grab the set you used on my shaman, I think. I’ve got a flashy transmog for my resto spec, but need something serviceable for enhancement…


    • “WTF why would you mog into that”

      “Um, because my career as a parade float wasn’t taking off?”

      Mrs Grimm is in the SCA and my exposure to that organization has often lead me to think of armor in practical terms. One thing I’ve learned is that kinks, flourishes, and crevasses are your opponent’s best friend. So I think in those terms when I look at my armor, too.


      • kinks, flourishes, and crevasses are your opponent’s best friend

        Yup, I went looking for information on armor / weapons in medieval-ish times a couple of years ago because of a novel I was writing (still am trying to write) and since then all I can think of when I look at a lot of the more complicated WoW models is “that looks so unsafe for actual combat”.

        I’ll admit to mogging pretty, elaborate clothes on my druid (she turns into a damn bear) and my casters / healers (they stand in the back and get protected), but for anything that’d see battle up close, the more practical stuff is, the better. Every time I see a tank in a platekini, I cringe.

        (Although my paladin tanks in a skirt – but, well, paladin, and draenei to boot. More elaborate armor and “the Light will protect me” type of reasoning kinda comes with the territory.)


        • Ayup, I do follow a different sort of aesthetic for my casters, though I still find the shoulder pieces to be pretty ridiculous. I have managed to find slightly unoffensive ones for them, at least.

          One thing I do have a slightly different viewpoint on is helms. I realize that helms should be pretty solid, enclose most of the way, be fairly plain, and in general will be ugly as sin, but I usually go for either something a little different (goggles, halo) or just hide the helm.


          • Yup, same here for helms. I figure I went through the effort to pick out a face and haircut I liked for my characters, I bloody well want to get to see it most of the time. Goggles, halos, tiara-type things and – occasionally – cloth hoods are the only helms I end up using.


  3. …just amazing. You look quite dashing.


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