One evening while I was tooling around Uldum looking for interesting ores minerals ((Sorry, Hank Schrader fans!)), Zwingli, who has a few toons in our guild, asked if I’d been "Navispammed."  Assuming it was a Facebook thing, I replied that I had not. Next thing I know, he’s tweeting some gal about this; I looked her up on Twitter and found she was a WoW blogger.


So eventually we arrived at the understanding that there would be visitations, posing, picture-taking, and conversation.  None of these are things I object to in any way, so eventually, after a bit of faffing about,  we managed to cross paths via RealID and produce the obligatory navispammy blog post, which you can read about on her blog.


As I’ve mentioned in many places before, I find the various Hunter outfits to be just about as ugly as anything I can imagine. I long for the simple forest leathers of the woodsman.  But, while working on Loremaster, I came across a set of spaulders that I found to be tolerable and admirable in their simplicity.  Since then I’ve managed to find out where the corresponding other bits come from – all from Kalimdor quests – so I’ll be gathering them up as I continue to work on Loremaster. 

Used without PermissionNavi, of course, caught me in the process of morphing, so a bunch of DW besties with those out-of-place shoulders would tend to get one’s attention. So, Navi, that’s the story – my "mog" goal here is less to look like anything in particular, and more like just the plain old boomstick-waver that I am. 🙂

Navi has a much better memory for rares than I do. She couldn’t remember the name of my pet, but she remembered the name of the rare that has that model – Hawkbane. The beasty’s actual name is Random, named after the character ((You might see a few other familiar names on that list, as well. I deny nothing.)) in Roger Zelazny’s epic series.

Navi, it is always a great pleasure to meet someone that is pleased to meet me. :)  Come back any time you like!


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  1. You mean I am not the only one stalking you?



  2. He’s too awesome to have just ONE fan 😀


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