Probably going full on Arcane with Fire offspec

The Topic: "Have you ever named a pet after a WoW NPC?"  Oddly, this topic also came up last night while running randoms with some friends.  I could swear I had posted about it here, but apparently it was only Twitter.  Let’s fix that.

The answer, as you probably guessed, is "yes."  This past January, we rescued a tiny Tonkinese kitten from our apartment’s parking lot. She was slow. She was listless. Her little belly was swollen.  We took her in, and within a couple of days the was scaling anything scalable to be with her new peoples.  She was fierce. None of the other cats were safe from her epic pounces. And she’d steal my pillow from me as I slept.

We named her Jaina (that’s her to the left).

Jaina and Leon 20120411

A couple of weeks later, we took her to the doc, and the prognosis was grim. FIP is not a treatable disease. Fortunately, it’s only usually communicable to very young and very old kitties, so our other four cats were probably not at risk. We were told, it was a matter or weeks. We took her home, and decided that her last weeks on Earth would be good ones, until she showed signs of slowing down we’d love her.

Jaina_120701So, here we are in August. She’s grown into a lovely young lady; still as spritely and fierce as ever. She has a favorite toy, which she will drop at your feet and then pat you on the elbow as if to say, "Please play with me." She’s possibly the smartest cat I’ve ever seen. She pretty much runs things around here as far as the other cats are concerned.

We’re keenly hoping that prognosis was wrong; FIP is a hard thing to diagnose, and the symptoms that she had may have been due to malnourishment than anything else.

So, yes, WoW Insider, we have, but since I had to show her off a little, I answered here.


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  1. Grimm, I urge you to consider taking Jaina to a new vet. As a former cat breeder and experienced with FIP and its primary form of onset which is a very common feline herpes virus, I will bet anything your pretty kitty does not have FIP, but only the pre-existing condition which may – not very often, but occasionally – mutate into FIP. It generally mutates in a cat that is vulnerable either due to age or a stressed immune system. A cat with the herpes virus (FHV) can live a full, reasonably healthy life with perhaps frequent respiratory infections, but otherwise normal. A cat with FIP normally dies within a week or two of (accurate) diagnosis. Seriously, I would see another vet.


    • Thanks for your suggestion. We’re on the same wavelength.

      The initial vet visit was a free coupon visit to PetSmart’s in-house clinic. Now that it looks like she’s sticking with, we’re going to take her to our regular vet for re-exam and spaying since we’re getting close to “that time” anyway.

      Thanks again!


      • Something I like to keep in the back of my mind when dealing with any professional type is this: 50% of the s in business graduated in the bottom half of their class. Helps keep things in perspective sometimes ;p


        • Well that didn’t come out right now, did it? Let’s try it this way:

          Something I like to keep in the back of my mind when dealing with any professional type is this: 50% of the s graduated in the bottom half of their class. Helps keep things in perspective sometimes ;p


        • Sigh. I don’t get along with html very well.


          • Heh. I got the gist 🙂

            But it’s very possible that we’re looking at entry level types here. I have absolutely no clue about Banfield’s rep. Thus, 2nd opinion, for sure. At least the 1st didn’t cost us anything.


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