Whoa, slow down thar, pardner!

Recently, Blizz announced that raiding content in MoP will be gated, which is to say, on Day One there will be no entry to raid instances.

This, of course, is regarded as a bad idea by some people.  Not, mind you, people that I am in general agreement with.

On September 25, 2012, Mists of Panderia will go live.  For most of us, that means lots of new content.  But to a small subset of people, a sliver on the Big Pie Chart of WoW Subscribers, it means that they need to race AS FAST AS POSSIBLE to level 90 so they can start wiping on the first raid boss.  This triggers the start of the race to World First boss kills.

Implied FacepalmNow, the reason I don’t see eye to eye with these people is because it seems to me to be abjectly stupid to pay for something that you’re not going to use most of.  And, if you’re ever followed my angry tweets, you know that one thing that really gets my kilt in a twist is abject stupidity.

Now, if you’re at all engaged at this moment, you’re probably wondering why I give a damn what someone else does with his or her life. And that’s a very good question.  Best I can explain, I’m just sick and tired of enabling the foolish and entitled people of the world.  I’m just over that. Time and test cycles are best spent elsewhere.

Yes, I realize this comes down on what is considered the lesser side of the casual v. hardcore debate. I don’t really care. The opinion of those that feel entitled to a leet hardcore experience, at my expense at times ((Hello, 25-man-only instances in Vanilla and BC.)), is something I just don’t give two waggles for.

I’m glad to see Blizzard finally getting just as tired as I am of this sort of stuff.  It’s as if they’re saying, "Fine, you want to ignore all our hard work and go straight to endgame? Be our guest. Next week, after we’ve stabilized things enough to care about .05% ((This number is totally made up, by myself, by the way.)) of the player base’s complaints about how the endgame content isn’t juuuuust right."

Maybe you feel I’m being harsh.  Well, I know what harsh looks like.  Have a look.

At least I haven’t insulted anyone’s mom.

At any rate, I think it’s a great idea for keeping the anticipation going as we ((By which I mean, the vast majority of raiders, which is still a tiny, infinitesimal sliver of the total player base.)) may or may not bump up against the gate.  Maybe there’s an achievement for a full clear of the previous raid’s Heroic content before the next comes online. Maybe they’ll tell a story ((Leetsauce raidrs go "BOOOORING!")) as part of the gating. Whatever it is, I insist on having fun doing it,and feeling not the least guilty about not being in the top one percent of the top ten percent, or whatevers.

I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. But if it does, feel free to call me out on the forums.  Or, here, if you want an actual response. 😀


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  1. You know I didn’t even know they were doing that. And at first, I thought, well, what yeah, that’s a bit mean. Those guys pay for their money they should get what they want, right?
    But, if I was Mr Joe Smith, who designed the x quest chain in Pandaria, and everyone was skipping the whole quest line to rush to the next levelling spot … how would I feel? All those hours I put in and my work is ignored? Maybe Blizz is trying to make sure everyone sees the fantastic effort that those people put in, and forcing us to see it.
    After all, it’s their game. Maybe the raid instances aren’t tweaked yet, and they want to fix it up more before everyone rushes in there and finds some loophole to exploit to get to server first. /shrug
    But, I am a slow leveller. Blizz can count on me to enjoy the ride.


    • Ya know, if we were to find the real truth, we’d probably find that they decided to stage content to give the server team time to breath.

      But deep inside, I want it to be a message sent from the content designers to the hurry-up crowd.

      But the truth is usually pretty boring. 🙂


  2. What really gets my kilt in a twist is when philosophies aren’t consistently applied. E.G.:

    -> Why it’s okay to progressively nerf content so that more raiders can experience it = because we want players to be able to experience content on their own terms. It’s not fair to players to deny them access to content. (For what it’s worth, I like this philosophy).

    -> Why it’s okay to introduce gating so that elite raiders don’t get there a week ahead of others = because we don’t want elite raiders experiencing content on their own terms. It’s fair to deny them access to content.

    Ultimately, there’s a big difference between not catering to the consumption style of a particular set and actively enacting policy to impede their consumption.


    • Well, as I commented earlier, I do think there’s more a technical bit to it than they’re hinting at.

      But also a big mid digit to those that feel it’s necessary to run roughshod over the content on the way to the brass ring then complain loudly in the fora about how easy MoP is and Blizz is losing its coolness and and and and …

      I don’t think they’ve actually SAID why, themselves. Anything you read here is mostly my own conjecture.


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