Since I posted my Dead Glyphs post, I’ve been busy selling off the soon to be dead.  And that in itself should convey everything that’s wrong with this picture.

Namely, that I’m able to actually sell them.

With less than eight weeks before the expansion hits, people are still buying glyphs that have no future! I can’t chalk this up to people putting in a last push on raiding, because those people are typically way past the point of needing to stock up on glyphs (they already have, to say).

In many cases, it’s taken deep discounting – but hey, I’ll take nine gold over five silver any day of the week.

But in others, I’ve seen obsolete glyphs go for several hundred gold. I’m not complaining. I’m glad for the cash. But I am extremely puzzled.

It is very, very tempting to keep the well-selling glyphs in stock. But I’m so far not giving in, and retiring any glyphs which I have managed to sell out of (soon to be discontinued ones that is).

The one thing that helps me keep my resolve is the knowledge that, when the market crashed into its pre-Panda slump, there was virtually no warning.  One day, things were fine. The next – buyers woke up, and most everything ceased selling, or required deep discounts to move.

Knowing that, I figure that there will be a similar crash for expiring glyphs.   And I intend to have as little in the bag I’m left holding as possible.


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