What isn’t going on

Anyone even vaguely interested has probably noticed that the MoP Inscription series has kind of ground to a halt.

The problem is that I only did part of my research at first, and as I went on I realized that the game was woefully unprepared for this level of analysis.  Glyphs were changing on a daily basis, new ones added, old ones removed, and so forth.  Many of the glyphs mentioned in the first article were already altered by the time of the most recent one.

After watching that go in a million different directions, I kind of froze up (iknorite?) I began to formulate a recovery plan.  So here it is.

I’m going to drop the by-the-class glyph analysis, and, once the changes appear to be stable, I’ll put together one big list of glyphs that won’t be making it past the patch.  That was the long-term main reason for doing this, was to try to suss out what glyphs that we should get rid of before they became gray items in the bank.

That leaves open the question of when that date will be. Right now, our little collective is reckoning that September or early October is a likely release window for MoP, based on the fact that new MoP-level loot has been implemented for the Hallow’s Eve holiday. If they weren’t planning for release until after that, they wouldn’t bother with a holiday that was almost a year away, not right now. On the other hand, late October isn’t a good candidate, either, because releasing software in the middle of a holiday event sounds remarkably fraught with danger.

We’re therefore looking at a possible early September rollout for the pre-expansion patch, and early to mid September for the expansion.

We want to drop our junk well before then.

With all that in mind, this is the plan.

  • Last week of July, I’ll gather all the data I have at that point and create a list of items that won’t be making the cut.
  • First week of August, I’ll publish.

And that’ll be it for this series.

I’m not really happy with the direction this all took, and I hope nobody was really disappointed ((Although of course that has angsty connotations of its own!)) ((True story: Angst was named after Ang Lee. – Grimm)).


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